Auto bear weapons?

What is the ideal load out for Auto bear for the in/out moze ? Running the general DW/BM build with splash smg.

Explosive miniguns are the best autobear weapon in those trees. The only other comparable one is the sabot rail gun but it’s way up the SoR tree.

Some people use target softening but they’re not very good with autobear either. Homing rockets are too weak and half of them miss or hit objects. Everything else is either not splash, no range, or the reload messes with autobear.

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For some reason, IB fires the chainguns a lot more than the rails, missiles or grenades.

The rails because the cooldown is after every shot, but the rockets and grenades he reloads after every shot. I think zanes clone does or did the same thing. Just the AI isn’t great. For some reason the cooldown on the miniguns doesn’t have an effect like reloads.

So for general best use of auto Bear, while just using the in/out of IB to proc anointments like the 120 splash dmg, mini guns seems to be the best ?

I use 1, the other i still use target softening; for the most part it works

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To put it simply, yes.

This would also be fine. Though it takes away specialist bear which is a bummer if you want damage output. Kind of depends some people like target softening, some don’t. Personally I find it doesn’t always work and I have no idea why.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve been using target softening, and the grenade launcher. I may try mini gun instead with target softening. And keep a better eye on if it’s working or not. I haven’t any points in specialist bear but may see if I can free one up for it. Mostly auto bear seems to die rather fast , unless i have time to position it well, but that means I’m not out doing damage.

IB’s two best weapons are going to be Vanquisher with no augments and Minigun with Exploding. Bullets. They are fairly comparable to each other. A close-ish third would be the V35’s.

Sabot is good too against armored targets.

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Yeah true Sabot is pretty decent I personally would tie it in third place with V35’s.

There was a topic/post the other day about someone running the electric railgun + corrosive railgun while letting Moze focus on fire damage.

I thought that was a pretty good combo - need to get around to trying it with a Rocketeer mod just for fun