Auto Bear's current state and several things about Iron Bear

When I saw it, I wanted to test it. Because all skills that increasing Iron Bear damage didn’t affect on Auto Bear in old days.(except Specialist Bear.)

To shorten, SSB(Stainless Steel Bear) is working on Auto Bear and also Scorching RPM’s is working on Auto Bear too. That’s good, that’s good. However the problem is… How much is these skills working on.

I tested with lv.60 Moze and 6 of base IB hard points. I used window 10 calculator and percent calculator on internet.

(1) Stainless Steel Bear
Increases IB damage about 44% instead 20% at 5 skill points. Iron Bear and Auto Bear both of them.

(2) Scorching RPM’s
Increases IB damage about 56% instead of 25% at 5 skill points. But only Iron Bear. On Auto Bear, it increases 25% damage normally.

(3) Dakka Bear
I was also curious about Dakka Bear manned IB damage bonus, So I tested it by climbing on Auto Bear. Increases IB damage about 125% instead of 50%. But this damage bonus keep decreased whenever purchase skills that increase IB damage. In the end, it decreased to about 25%. However this is damage formula thingy, and I’m good at math at all. So I can’t say clearly about this decreasing.

With these results, sorry to tell but I think that it will be able to be another “wasn’t intended, and nerf” situation. So I hope that all Moze and IB players don’t get angry too much when if that moment really comes. (I was seeking softer expression than ‘Brace yourself’ but I can’t find it with translator. :laughing:)

…and several things more about IB.

(1) When purchase SSB skill while Auto Bear is activating, It works right away on Auto Bear with normal (like 20%). However after that, it goes wrong (like 44%) when getting in new IB.

(2) During test, I got a interesting result about (elemental) status effect damage (Status effect means DOT=Damage Over Time). Using Salamander flamethrower on Auto Bear with SSB, of course hit damage is increased at 44%. But here it is, status effect damage is increased by 20% as like a normal. Why is this interesting? Because there is no actual way to increase status effect damage of Iron Bear hard points in current state.
*Not only SSB, Scorching RPM’s skill also increased status effect damage on Auto Bear.
*Edited: Dakka Bear manned bonus also increased status effect damage on Auto Bear.

For example, Salamander hard point is dealing damage with status damage. Its status damage is bigger than hit damage as 3 times. There are skills that can increase it… but can’t use properly. Talk about these skills.

  • Stoke the Embers: This skill can increase status dmg, but only incendiary. Chemical Warfare(Corrosive) augment and Hammerdown Protocol(Radiation) augment can’t be affected by.

  • Specialist Bear: Salamander on both arms… that’s passionate. But if my memory is correct, game system recognize this as one source of status dmg. It means can’t overlap and just only can renew status dmg duration. So can’t use.

  • Kill Skills (Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine): Only left arm powered, but they can increase status effect dmg. buuut It’s more suitable for other range IB hard points. So can’t use these too.

So I hope that this can be hint for fixing IB’s status effect dmg problem.

(3) Relationship between IB and Kill Skills(DIB, PD).
It’s simple. Kill skill stacks from Moze and stacks from IB are completely separated and have no connection. Getting in IB when have some stacks, stacks will be disappeared. And also getting off IB when have some stacks, stacks will be disappeared again. What will happen if have Auto Bear skill? Actually, stacks remain on Auto Bear for its duration. Of course only left arm powered.

Thank you for watching this long and weird writings.

P.S Hammerdown Protocol augment has quite good status effect dmg almost like Salamander. But even SSB and Scorching RPM’s didn’t increase it on Auto Bear.


@Prismatic Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is pretty much what you’ve been saying about some skills double dipping for IB, no?


Yeah, to quote what I said in Iron Bear Damage Formula thread.

This was what I’ve found. Moze’s kill skills don’t transfer to Iron Bear, however kills gained in Iron Bear do stack Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine for Moze; if you gets kills before entering Iron Bear and then exiting immediately you can still benefit from your kills before entering IB, as Moze’s stack count isn’t cleared only the ui sometimes is. Auto Bear getting kills also stacks the skills for Moze but not for Auto Bear.


I was a lazy forum checker and dumb. :cold_sweat: I’m so embarrassing now. :rofl: Sorry that I was pretending finder and thank you for more specific explain for Moze’s kill skills. Should I ask community manager to delete this topic? Because I don’t have a experience for delete topic…

P.S oh there is an explaining how to do it.


Hey, no need to beat yourself up over it. Always good to take the initiative and test things on your own! No harm done in corroborating another’s findings.


Well said, two people might come up with different ways to get to a similar result. Cross reference is a good way to insure accuracy.

And sometimes the search tool is a little wonky IMO.

It was still a solid post @jhp525


@boombumr, @vCarpeDiemv
Thank you for both of your kind words.


Even though I knew the things you said, I read your entire post because I admired the amount of testing effort you’d gone into. You ever written science papers or anything? Your formatting and layout reminds me of some psychology papers I read when working in a lab :slight_smile:


Really thanks your saying that. And I was thinking how to answer your question. No I didn’t write science papers and Yes I wrote few writings about Borderlands 3. Or should I say it was just trying? I’m not sure. :rofl: Anyway I’m surprised because I never heard like that before, so I want to tell you thanks again! :smiley:

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