Auto crits and enemies with armored body segments

With the several ways to score critical hits without hitting actual crit spots, I found a question bouncing around in my head.

For some enemies, their crit spot is nothing but that. A spot that allows the critical multiplier, doing whatever that multipliers worth of damage would be over hitting any other part of the body. However for some enemies, not only it is a crit spot, but it is also a spot that takes more base damage in general. A good example of that would be spiderant abdomens. Not only do they take crits, but the base damage that is being multiplied for that crit is also much higher than the rest of the shell.

Another good example could be things like Skag Alphas. Their hard armored parts like their backs take the least damage. Their soft stomachs take significantly more damage, but still aren’t a crit. So, in instances of auto-critting, how does that work? If you hit them in the back where they are taking extremely reduced damage, will it just be an incredibly insignificant crit? Or will auto-crits always be based off hitting the “crit spot” for that enemies amount of damage?

Sorry if that’s confusing.

Makes sense and is a valid question. I would imagine it would simply increase the damage by the critical multiplier and the “armor” would still be in effect. You aren’t hitting the spot without armor so it would make logical sense that the armor would still be there. However, I admit that I am stating this without definitive proof and only using a logical assumption.

I wish I could give a better answer, but until we get the game in our hands and test these things out we will have to go based on educated guesses.