Auto DC because insufficient players

So after we were matched against a team and we made our character selections, the screen jumped straight to the spawn point without that mini character against character showdown clip. And a second later the game quit on it’s own and i got this screen.

i guess this is a countermeasure to those early dc/queue dodgers who quit just when the game starts.

Yes this happens quite frequently

Which is good.

i mean, a game should not start if some1 leave.
if your are selecting character for a 4v5, more from the team with the disc should leave to let the game reset.

I have mixed emotions whenever this happens. On one hand i get annoyed, and sometimes angry, when someone leaves at the character selection window (either because they didn’t get the character they want, or because they don’t want to go against a higher leveled team); but on the other, i feel relief, as i know from experience that 4 vs. 5 usually ends in a stomping.

I think at least 2 players need to disconnect before this happens

Correct; i can confirm this.

Not proud of it, but my friends and I started doing this every time we see a hacker on the other team.

We already played against him multiple times, also today my team (solo Que) they other random guys also recognized the hacker and did this.

On PC this is becoming a must.

i qued random against a team partied together who didnt get the map they wanted so they left the match happened twice :mask: