Auto-pickup from ammo chests

After almost 2 years I’m still wondering about this, and we haven’t talked about it much.

In BL3, differently than in 1, 2 or TPS, you auto-pickup ammo from chests when you open them. Heck, you don’t even have to stay close, open and run and the ammo will fly to you.

I’m still of two minds about this.

  • It’s great in combat, saves you critical time during a fight, you don’t have to pause in your running and gunning to long-hold to gather all the ammo.
  • On the other hand, It removes the restock during a challenging run option of opening a number of chests in one place to re-load your critical ammo.

The second is critical in some areas, like The Peak in BL2. If you rely on, say, sniper ammo and you get below a certain point, the game will bias ammo in chests to your low ammo type and you’ll get more sniper ammo. Open 4-5 chests without picking anything up (say at the doorway to the 2nd area in the Peak) and you’ll probably re-fill all that ammo type, since the game biases to what you have in your backpack, doesn’t include what’s available in open chests.
Critical for success in some areas.

And BL3 doesn’t. So if you’re low on something, the 1st chest will be biased, you auto-pickup, and your backpack is now full enough of that ammo type to no longer bias, even though your still (say) below half.

Which is better? Auto-Pick, as I said, is great in the heat of battle. Non-Auto is great when you’re between fights and need to restock for the next blitz. Most of the time it doesn’t matter but in some areas, like the Trials, it would be a great help.

I personally prefer non auto-pickup.
But we haven’t talked about this much, so was wondering about your thoughts.

I’m actually not yet convinced that even first chest will be biased - my Sniper Fl4k had to open 4-5 chests to get any sniper ammo, even while being at ~30% or so. Unless I opened ‘wrong’ chests - I also have a nagging suspicion that not ammo types spawn in every container.

But an interesting question overall. :slight_smile:

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Auto pick ups are one of the better qol changes BL3 added. Being an Action RPG there is a time and place to have the player focus on inventory managment and getting themselves prepared for engaging with enemies. Anything that can help keep the flow of the game going rather then cause breaks in the pace is in my mind beneficial but how it is implemented as you said has some side effects. Take Booster shield for example. These shields are generally regarded as less then fantastic in BL2. Infact the Big Boom Blaster while it has some gimmicky uses is often considered bad. BL3 once they added auto pick up the Big Boom Blaster created a whole new builds for Moze and Zane doing some crazy stuff. On the other end that one shield that drops pills some good, some bad became a nightmare due to the lack of control.

Basiclly same principle applies to Booster shields as it dose ammo. I think an option to toggle auto pick up boosters and locker ammo would be he best way to really cater to both a general player base and the more hardcore players who may leverage the additional control in some circumstances.


I think the chests do bias drops towards low ammo pools, but the threshold is much lower than in BL2. Like Raven says, picking up a single biased chest may be enough to put you back out of that threshold, but I truly do not have any empirical evidence for this.

My default for a choice like this is to give us an option (something to toggle in the menu), but beside that, I’d keep auto pickup. I can zip past a set of ammo chests and get the opening animation started and be out of auto pickup range before the ammo spawns in, so when I do need it, I just run near them and I’m filled. See also: Bloodletter/Deathless Moze and health vials… don’t waste them mopping up DoT, save them for when you’ve got a big dent in your shield, such that a quick pass by the envialed (that’s a word now) chests is like a full shield reset.


I think it’s spelled envialationated, but I’ve been wrong in the past. Once.