Auto Save Crashing

So I have been having this constant issue with the Handsome collection, yes both BL2 and BL:TPS, where whenever I hit a checkpoint or an autosave station the game freezes up and crashes this also sometimes happens as soon as I start either game. This happens at almost every checkpoint and it makes the game unplayable and I would really enjoy to play the game that I payed for, so if anyone could be of assistance it would be extremely helpful.

Have you tried the typical stuff? uninstall, reinstall, then patch? Personally, the game has locked my box like 2 times since launch when saving and quitting, but nothing like what you are experiencing.

If you are running on an external hd try loading it on the main drive. I am just shotgunning ideas.

Yeah non of this is working so i can only hope for a patch to come out and fix this, because I would really like to play and enjoy this game with my friends.

Anyone!? Has this been fixed? Because I am still having this issue even after getting rid of all my save data and uninstalling it.