Auto Save Madness!

Hi there, I am having major difficulties progressing through Borderlands TPS on the Xbox One. I have ran through the game multiple times on the 360 and only once on the XB1. My issue is that whenever I approach an auto save station, my game freezes and I have to force quit my game. The music will still continue as normal, including dialogue that has already started before the game freezes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now and have tried playing offline. The only success I’ve had so far is playing as a guest account where there is no auto saving, or any saving for that matter. I really would prefer not having to go buy a physical copy as that would mean I bought the game 4 times (PC, Xbox 360 digital, Xbox One digital and Xbox One physical). My xbox 360 ran fine, even as a digital copy. I have tried playing as both a new character and as one of my cloud saves. PLEASE HALP ME TOM CRUISE!!!