Autoloader vs Bang For Your Buck

(Titanium Panty XS) #21

Yeah I made one but never actually commented until yesterday. I was playing with suneater and didn’t get to answer his question, so I answered it here.
I remember going against you a couple of times. Toby and Reyna. Marquis does counter Toby, but in the end it will depend on the team. If my team is not good with wave clearing, most of my bullets will go to the wave.

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #22

The match where there was also a Ghalt, Marquis, Beatrix and Ambra on your team, and where you accidently DCd (which is when i got my only three kills before you rejoined, haha). That was THE most brutal Toby match i have ever played. You, Whiskey and Beatrix had me dead before i reached the end of Ghalt’s hook, and spending more than 2-3 seconds in lane resulted in death…


Anyways, until next time. :wink:

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(Titanium Panty XS) #23

That sounds like a tough comp for Toby. He is a huge target and the force field or the railgun will show where he is so. Yeah next time, hopefully on the same team.

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(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #24

Meh… the aim assist is so hit or miss in this game. Literally.