Autolock: The Game

Battleborn has by far the most autolock I’ve ever seen in a gaming community. Unless you’re partied (which of course is ALWAYS the ideal), there is rarely any communication between teammates as to whom someone would like to play, and/or what role the team needs. People just immediately autolock the characters they want to play, often ousting others who’d like to play that character, for better or worse.

If there is communication, it’s usually along the lines of “Aw, I wanted to be that character” or “Oooh, that pick from right out under me,” which could easily be prevented by an actual planning phase.

I’ve seen less autolock in League of Legends. League of Legends.

I think a good answer to this is better use of the rather lengthy amount of time allowed to choose a character. Perhaps allot 30 seconds of it to a “Planning Phase” where no one is allowed to pick a character at all, thus encouraging communication as to who people would actually like to play. This would also serve as a nice buffer for those who seem to load into the match more slowly than others, giving them actual time and chance to pick who they want to choose.

Otherwise, all the time we get to choose is wasted anyway because people are just like WHAM BAM AUTOLOCK MA’AM and we’re already cut to 5 seconds anyway.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this phenomenon anywhere else, and it’s strange to think of actually considering countermeasures, but, so it is.

I think the reason we’re seeing so many autolocks is the lack of a ranked system. People are just messing around, trying characters or leveling their favorites. I usually wait last to pick and let people know I’ll fill in whatever role is needed of me, but for the past 2 days I’ve been leveling Ambra (so close to rank 15!), so I just lock her in in every game I play. Once I’m done with that (hopefully tonight) I’ll go back to my old “pick what you want, I’ll go last” ways.

Basically what I’m saying is: don’t worry about it for now, I think it’s normal. Once the more competitive mode is implemented (2 to 3 months from now if that interview circulating around is to be believed). you’ll see more tryhards :stuck_out_tongue:

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wtb Draft Mode = no more autolock

Having played that since shortly after it was released, I don’t believe you.

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I’m with you. It’s bad but leave was NOTORIOUS and was since it started

The fix to this is to simply allow people to pick multiples of the same character.

Damn shame you can only have 1 Oscar Mike in the team, and he appears to be a popular pick right now. If I don’t nab him quickly, someone else is gonna. This is a common issue in a lot of MOBAs: Hero/Champion/God is considered top in the meta, everyone will be fighting to pick them in a match. If I don’t get him and someone else does, the only person to blame is myself, because I was too slow.

Instead of your idea of 30 seconds of waiting so people can discuss picks, GBX should do what Blizzard did with HoTS: Let players select their hero before they’re even put with other teammates. You get the hero you wanted and you’re matched with other heroes for a more balanced team. Everyone wins, and nobody is forced to take a role they absolutely hate.

I don’t think that would be an elegant solution for what type of game this is.

I mean, would you want to deal with 3 Raths and 3 Phoebes? 6 Galileas? 4 Tobys, a Kleese and an ISIC?

It’s fine for story mode where there is no competitive element whatsoever, and they do have a setting to allow you to pick samesies, but in a MOBA environment, it just doesn’t mesh well.

I do like this idea. I’ve not heard of or seen the interview floating around that another poster has mentioned, but if it hints at a competitive mode with drafting, that’s neat, too.

But then, Draft mode doesn’t make sense in the regular mode, I don’t think.

Like what @Pizzarugi said (which I failed to notice at first, apologies), a nice solution would be is something similar to Heroes of the Storm, where you pick the character you want to play and it gathers a team together where that character and role are needed. (The parameters are still a bit broad, though–I think it’ll look for 1-2 Supports, 2-3 Assassins, etc., so maybe not something too akin to the system).

If unwilling to pull from that tree, a Planning Phase would be a nice, uncomplicated solution, or, if the Multiplayer mode is not to have a separate, more competitive mode, then the Draft Pick idea would be good, as well. But again, only if there isn’t another mode that will already use it.