Automatic reward question

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I’d like to know if I just need to link my epic games account to gearbox to collect these automatic reward.
If it’s not enough, can someone explains me how to collect them.

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All rewards are granted through your shift account, log into the game with the same account your VIP rewards are linked to when the game comes out.

I am also curious about WHAT these are. I can find the “Early Adopter Pack” and that it will appear when I log onto Borderlands 3 for the first time. I don’t know what the “Welcome Pack” is or how to access whatever content it offers.

Ask Google, and receive knowledge! I should have done this before I bothered you all.

In case anybody else is wondering, here is a link, and the pertinent quote (if you don’t feel like going anywhere else this evening… it’s getting late! Why aren’t you in bed, asleep? It’s a school/work night… LOL).

“you … earned yourself a Borderlands 3 Welcome Pack containing high-rarity grenade and shield mods as well as a VIP weapon trinket. Score! Your items will be delivered to you in-game when you start playing Borderlands 3.”

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You are my hero. I’ve been wondering what that whole thing was about, but had no idea where or what to look for. :grinning:

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