Automatic Weapon Kick Recovery option vs Recoil Reduction Gear

First of all, this game has one of the tamest recoils I’ve ever encountered in an FPS. It’s so weak I barely feel it, and I never felt the need to equip that recoil reducing gear in the first place.

Second of all, to top it off, there is an option in gameplay section that, if toggled on, tries to return your aim to the original position when you shoot. It’s a counter-recoil measure.

The question is: If you have an in-game anti-recoil solution, why do you make available even stronger solution against recoil in the game options?

Using Whiskey Foxtrot as an example, Recoil reduction reduces the upwards spread of his 3/4-shot bursts where the Recoil Assistance option merely attempts to put the reticle where it was before you fired the shot.

With Automatic weapons like Oscar Mike and Caldarius, the recoil reduction helps to place shots more precisely. The Recoil Assistance option only kicks in when you stop firing, as far as i know.

I disabled it because it screwed my aiming more than it helped. It looks to be something designed around assisting controller users, given the lack of fine control that a joystick gives.