Automatically picked up items, please adjust to not pick up blue

On Sanctuary we have a small vault where Items of specific colors go when not picked up in the game, personally I think it would be best if this machine would stop picking up blue items. Especially when playing any of the higher modes I think it is safe to say nobody likes the blue items enough to have them fill the machine, and the drop rate of blue items is huge so the machine fills up in a very short time after which we miss out on purples and orange.

While I don’t agree that it shouldn’t keep blues, given that some of the best weapons i’ve used that aren’t legendary have been blue so far, I would be all for an option in the menu to select priority for the lost loot container.

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Oh yeah sure, options to prioritise where it would simply throw out blue to make space for purple, and throw out purple to make space for orange would also be very nice. My problem with it is that when running mayhem for example loot drops at such incredible rate that I decided to not even look anymore at white/green/blue, however especially the blue items drop at an rate that the machine is filled up within minutes, meaning that every purple / orange I don’t pick up/notice will be lost. And I know some use the machine for money, but when all SDU’s are unlocked money hardly serves any purpose in the game anymore.

There IS a priority system. I’m 100% sure. When I’m farming Eridium and leave the lower level weapons on the ground or the loot boxes, the machine is filled up with the orange/purple ones, no matter when they dropped. Only if there aren’t not enough orange/purple items to make it full, it will pick up blue.

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Perhaps it is not perfect or differs on platforms, or only prioritises when picking up I’ve had situations where I am 100% certain I left purples on the ground and came back to a machine filled with blue stuff.

It doesn’t work the way you think it does.

It only grabs the highest value loot and works from there.

If you missed a purple or dare i say a orange - it will have those.
Otherwise its its only grabbing whatever you ignore is left…which is usually blues.

While it may seem annoying…its free money for all intents and purposes…just empty it out…sell off…rinse and repeat.

Call it extra storage.

At least for me…its never missed a purple…it even caught purple’s didn’t even know i missed (2 or 3 at a time)

Are you seeing a bug? Perhaps. But I think its working as intended.

I will say however that the loot collector will pick up gear from other chars regardless of level.

So starting a new char and finding it full of gear with 50’s is a bit awkward needless to say…yeah…that’s a valid problem.

Beyond that? works fine.

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It is exactly working as I think it is.

It loads up with whatever it can find when having the space and once full will not delete any blue stuff to be able to pick up any Purple or Orange gear. I would like this changed so it prioritizes higher ranked gear, or a setting since many of us have zero interest in whatever blue might drop nor do we have any interest in more money since we have all packages maxed out.

But it is prioritizing…is my point.

When all I see are blues and greens…and it magically drops 3 purples at my feet…kind of disproves your concern there.

My point is that in my experience it is not deleting blue stuff to make space for purple stuff. Yes it prioritizes when deciding what to pick up in a pile but that is not what this topic is about.

Greens are irrelevant since those never get picked up anyway.

Source: I’ve spent an hour straight popping KataZer0 like a blood blister, normal Mayhem 3, for what can only be described as “at least 20-30 times in a row”.

On the last run, after constant blues and purples and oranges. If there is a legendary on the final round and I leave it. It shows uo

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