Autosave did it again ( - ^ - )

Today I enter my friend ship . He use is gold key . but most item in there is a junk . so he leave a mountain junk pile over there. During I wait him play with me. I go check vending machine .
and found a very good gun is I want . so …

Today I do experiment about it. I drop a 5 - 6 anoid purple grade gun and some junk Legendary gun is I not use . its a gun is always throw to newbie is play with me at cistern of slaughter . for make them try harder to get 50 for use it . . well … a result of experiment is its really perfect rng and its bcouz my hunter rank . so …… I just logout and back load my old save is I did around 15 min ago
for play

and … those gun is gone - ^ - ……

This is not first time is auto save did …yesterday I made topic about it couz its serious ruin something but that issue is slove to i just delete that post

so I just here for warn everyone… beware an autosave - o - *

cheer Br3 - ^ - ! meow