Autosave Freeze on Xbox One

So I’ve been plying the Handsome Collection on the Xbox One again(Borderlands 2), everything was going fine until one day I got on and came to an auto save station. My game froze but I could still here music in the background so I decided to let it sit for a couple minutes and came back and it was still frozen. The game would not let me pause or do anything so I closed out the game and restarted it and it still did it again when I came to the save station. Re-opened the game again, this time it froze when I chose to save and quit. I’ve tried everything to fix this, deleted all my characters, and uninstalled my game and re-installed it, and yet it still does this. Has anyone else came across this problem? If so did you fix it? I’d hope this becomes patched soon because I really want to play this game again.

Doesn’t sound good. Does this affect ALL your characters or just one? If just one, can you load that character up in a different mode (eg NVHM if you’ve advanced into TVHM etc.) and get to a different location? The last time I had a similar problem, it was on a 360 and the physical media was damaged, but this is sounding more like a corrupt save or profile data file.

You can file a support ticket here: - support staff may have some other ideas you could try.

It affects all of my characters, level 10 salvador, 68 maya, 52 krieg etc. I also tried different areas even DLC places and it still did the glitch. But I’ll try the support ticket out.

Yikes - that’s really bad news. Good luck! I hope support is able to help out.

Damn, that sounds weird. It could be a problem with your actual console, does it freeze on any other games?

No, it’s completely fine on all of my other games. Especially the Pre Sequel. It doesn’t even freeze on that game.

This started happening to me last night?? Frostburn canyon fast travel, sometime half way through the lvl? Very strange as had no problems like this in the past with this game.
Can’t try other toons as only have the 1 op8 axton (please don’t let me lose him lol).
Did do a hard reset but tea was ready so never got to see if fixed(or at least get out of the area)
Going to be mighty gutted if this is how me and Borderlands 2 have to part ways.

I was just having the same issue. Most of all I brought my 360 chars over last night and had my OP8 rank Siren lose her ranks including. After the transfer anytime I reach a save spot it freezes. Happens on all my characters. Could it be BAR related? It’s the only thing that spans over all characters besides shared storage that could cause this.

I don’t think it’s BAR related. Assuming you still have your 360 and all your saves on it intact, I’d suggest trying the following:

  • Delete all the transferred characters from the XB1
  • Start a new character on the XB1, and deliberately try and trigger as many autosaves as possible
    • you can do this by toggling BAR on or off in your inventory
  • Fire up the game on 360, load in one of your characters, and check your BAR, inventory, etc.
    • if there’s anything you got from someone else you suspect may be modded, get rid of it
  • Transfer ONE character across, making sure you choose “Save as New” when you download on the XB1
    • start playing with that character and see if you can duplicate the freezing, or if it seems to be ok
  • If all has gone well, continue the process for remaining characters until you are done, but check each one once saved on the XB1

Just so you know, it looks like there is some odd issue attached to saves transferred from 360 to XB1 that can affect your ability to join on-line games. The freezing may or may not be related to this; just a heads up that if you have problems connecting to an on-line game, load a character that was created on XB1, join, and then switch character.

I know it cannot be nodded items as I never went online with it on the 360.
I only played offline with the wife. Deleting all chars and doing that is going to be one long process. Will try it later tonight. The worst worry I have is if it is related, then I would need a full reset on my BAR to get it working right again.

What are your BAR stats at? I’m around 140k with 19% across the board, and I’m not experiencing issues with either new or old saves.

One other thought: it could be that the download of the game itself is partially corrupted, so you could try deleting just the game and re-downloading it. Also a pain, I know, but it might be worth a shot. I’d also do a full console reset (instructions on XBox site; invoves draining power)

Finally, I would suggest filling a support ticket. Even if they’re not able anything more in the way of suggestions, at least the information can be logged and forwarded to the developers.

This has been happening to me too and all i did was create a new account to play and it hasn’t happened since