Autosprint would be great as an accessibility option

Or at least a toggled autosprint; currently the toggle still requires you to hit sprint again every time you stop running, which makes it a lot less useful than it would be if it just stayed all the time.

A lot of times, as it’s currently done, I’ll not be sure if I’m running or not after a shot or a slowdown, and it just adds unnecessary confusion for something that I’d rather just always have on on every character.

I had the same issue, once i raised the deadzone settings for my controller joysticks its mainly fixed

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I would also like to add on to this, I want the ability to turbo fire because the Maggie puts the strain on my hand

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On my keyboard on PC, I have it set so that whenever I hit the forward key the sprint key is also activated. Having to hit an additional key seems so pointless. Who walks when even running is slow. Poor Moze, I think she’s permanently wearing the Fabled Tortoise from BL2.


Thanks for the heads up, it does seem to have helped a fair bit

Honestly glad that worked; the way it was set in bl2 was pretty decent; but here i was being slowed down way to often before i fiddled with it, i think the problem lies in the base sensitivity where as if you tilt the joystick any little bit it stops

I would love this choice; but i also dont want to get a pro controller for just 1 thing. If they added keyboard/mouse support for console players im sure many would use it too. Consoles already have the support for it; its only the games that dont take advantage of this

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If you are PS4, next month Sony is releasing an additional 2 buttons for the back of the controller that you can program for same button function. Only 30-35$ i think.

Hah… id expect more like 80 - 100… the original controllers are still 45; the third party pro controllers have 6 buttons @99$

" The device will be available in the US and Canada on January 23, and in Europe on February 14, retailing at $29.99 US / $39.99 CAD / €29.99. You can also pre-order the DualShock 4 back button peripheral now."