Ava backpack theories

*** I don’t want this to become an Ava is trash thread***

Ever since seeing her teaser pics I have been wondering what the “nope” badge will mean. Seeing as her ending was the opposite of a Nope for the character.

BL has used somewhat in your face yet subtle text to tell you what is going to happen to a character. The best example is the graffiti behind Roland in BL2 that says “You Die”

My guess is that there will be some sort of reversal of her position at the end of the game.

What do yall think will happen.

I think we don’t know enough yet about the “afterstory” to know, but here’s a thought:

Sanctuary is Ava’s now. I imagine we could get a story about how she deals with the ship being hers, maybe even trying to lead the Crimson Raiders.

…and then somewhere down the line…Lilith comes back and takes over.

Sorry Ava, but nope.