Ava Bugged on the way to Cathedral

I’m on my normal Zane at lvl 50 first playthrough. I accidentally bumped Ava’s vehicle towards the cliff.

Has this happen to others before? I’m sharing coz I know some of you hate Ava lol. I have to reload the game.


Next time bump her off the cliff to activate her vehicles booster rockets :rocket:

(and please record and share so some of us can rejoice)

fixed* @GrzesPL


Not all.

Ava’s deffo bugged.

In the scene after the Rampager

Ava switched places with Maya and Maya died!

“yo this is one o them moments…
catch a rIIIIIIDE!”

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That would be terrible. If for no other reason than you’d miss out on a wonderful gurgle. Best line in the game. Needs to be a ringtone.

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To address the OP, yes I had an issue in the quest where she ended up disappearing. I can’t remember how I solved it. It was either time waiting or a restart.