Ava dedicated DLC, Redemption?

(Ideas so far listed below, and update: I think it may somehow involve bringing Lilith back into the game’s focus. Maybe involving a mission to find her, or leading to one in the next DLC.)

I just watched part of the new Borderlands show episode, and you read that correctly. They’re talking about a DLC dedicated just to Ava.

Now, before Gearbox stock goes plummeting and they start selling their office furniture, there is still potential here. Potential, to save her as a character. But this… will require a lot of character development…

Do you hear me Gearbox!!! A LOT.

-Explore more of Athenas. Didn’t get to see the lower areas beneath clouds, sounds like a cool environment, maybe some hidden alien ruins that tell us more about the Eridians.

-Actual character development. Let her show her true emotions, that her whining was just out of frustration for how she treated Maya.

-At some point, have her hit rock bottom, so she can build herself back up again. A scene where she admits she’s not worthy, maybe runs away, gives up leadership to the vault hunter, and then eventually comes back a different person.

-Maybe this will be integrated into, or leads to a following DLC that includes trying to find Lilith?

-Show us what Maya saw in her. Lilith gave her leadership of the Raiders based solely on that. It better be a damn good reason.


More Ava is fine with me.


I saw this too and nearly threw up.

Hopefully they try it once with a single DLC and if it backlashes twice they let go of their "creator’s pet"

Devs got personal attachment to Ava end of story, no matter how much the fans hate her it’s a developers own personal attachment thats gonna drag us into babysitting duty


…Oh no…

…Please don’t!!!..



I’m not an Ava fan, but this may be the best way to take a shot at saving her in the eyes of a lot of fans. If she gets a whole DLC to herself and is STILL reviled that’s a major problem and the best course of action will be to ditch her by the time Borderlands 4 comes out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


is anyone surprised at all Ava will have a DLC or will be playable in borderlands 4… cmon ppl its GearBox pattern we are used for 10 years already, we know whats coming…


Is this the same DLC in which they are going to add a fouth health bar to the Tink Tanks because currently they are complete pushovers, especially in groups of less than 10?


I agree with that. I’m being silly by hating on her. The main thing is that she didn’t earn sanctuary. You can’t tell an audience to wait for the sequel to like someone. I gotta want to watch the sequel and Ava didn’t earn that from me. I’ll play the dlc with her in it because I like borderlands, but they shouldn’t expect me to like her until she earns it

@jgartenbenz - I’m just kidding around. I know that Ava is somewhat controversial. I do a lot of beta reading and work with an editor for funzies in a different life and honestly, I just don’t like how they wrote with the expectation that I have to trust them.


What can I say? She amused me from the start. And there are a couple of little things that seem to indicate she was supposed to get a little more development in the story.

It probably helps that I didn’t particularly care for Maya in BL2. And since I found she was the only character I could push through the awfulness of UVHM, that indifference turned into distaste.


You’re right, there definitely was supposed to be more character to her, and they attempted that with side missions. This may have actually been their plan. Not the whole “everyone wanting to kill Ava” part, but I mean the exploring her more as a character part.


Maya was my main so I liked seeing her do stuff. She was cut off way too early, had too little dialogue with Lillith related to the incidents that affected Lillith. Considering how big of a deal that would be for someone, there should have been a bigger discussion, but they just failed to really grow anyone well in the entire story.

Ava’s journal story was somewhat helpful for her history, but, good Lord, she has zero skill to lead the entire Lance. Heck, even though tannis is very bad socially, she could at least work as interim until Mordecai, Brick, moxxi, it even Tina got back to help. At least all of them understandsomething about the Lance.

The entire thing related to her didn’t feel organic. It felt like someone sat in a meeting room and asked a writer to shove in story elements meant for a different script.


Or maybe you’re just aware that Ava didn’t kill Maya. With the way some people act towards Ava I was wondering if I missed a scene where she tied Maya down cut her and made her bleed a slow death while laughing the entire time.


Yeah. That’s not why I don’t like Ava. My issue with her is that she breaks the 4th wall by feeling fake


I was way more upset that Tina seemed a bit ho hum than anything to with Ava. I actually thought the lost items side quest was pretty funny. I imagined it exactly like my niece whose around the same age being horrified that someone was going to find out these personal secrets of hers.

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I’m down for an Ava dlc. I’d love to know more about each of the new characters.


The “entire Lance” seems to be a handful of interns that can barely contend with janitorial robots and a few VHs that are apparently happy to destroy all the meat piñatas you point them at no matter who you are.


I just hope they really nail it with the character development and show her grow. They could even have her hand off command to someone else to show how much she has matured. Maybe goes on some quest to find herself and comes back in time for BL4…


Five minutes into her DLC she gets banished back to her fart cave and the actual DLC starts.


Yah I’d like to see some maturity come from her and not as much whining and acting like a kid.
The tiny Tina dlc from bl2 was my favorite so if they do as well with Ava as they did with Tina it will be great.

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That’s funny! Although, I’d assumed there was more to the Lance than just sanctuary. Also, yeah the lance seems to have gone down hill since Roland retired