Ava Murder Mystery & Question (Spoilers)

  1. Did you guys enjoy it?
  2. Does the Mysterious Amulet (end reward) do anything?

1: The scenery and music were phenomenal. Seriously. The guys who do map layout and music just keep getting better. My only two gripes with the DLC were no Challenge Rewards which meant no real reason to explore the maps unless you wanted a random red chest. Was hoping for lore echos or something. My other hatred for the DLC was Ava herself. I think the reason for an Ava-centric DLC was for us to like her but I ended up hating her more? She hasn’t grown up at all and her fighting like Maya was a kick in the face to me. Then she states she needs to take control after Lilith’s death. Why is she in charge anyway? That part just annoyed me. And as we all figured out it is finally revealed that Lilith is still alive somewhere. (Seriously I hope this is the end to Ava. I don’t understand why she is needed at all when Amara literally does everything she can do then there is Tannis. We could have had a DLC with the old TPS crew or Tina or anybody else really.) Overall, a decent DLC. Doubt I will do this more than once though. This is my worst rated DLC which surprised me because I didn’t like Krieg’s DLC all that much but there was still a lot more content in his like side quests and challenge crew rewards.

2: I’ve been trying to do stuff with eridium or touch things around the ship (Vault Keys) and just randomly kill things in different ways and explore the maps. Can’t really tell much of a difference if I’m more powerful or not. I haven’t gotten this on Amara yet so maybe it boosts her powers since she is a Siren as well? IDK

Yeah I liked it. I wasn’t expecting the plot twist towards actual lore so that was a nice surprise. (I was thinking this was all gonna be a more humorous, not-so-serious side story like the Clan War chain of missions in BL2 or something like that.)

It did answer/clarify a couple things for me: Lilith is alive, and she did indeed teleport Elpis away somewhere.

I have no idea what the amulet does right now but I’m sure someone will discover the secret shortly. :slight_smile:

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I was super disappointed. Sure there was some lore added, but it essentially is 3 long side quests. I did find a new gun and Moze mod. Neither were great. Ava did not redeem herself whatsoever, there were like 2 bosses, no side quests, and of course no Raid boss in the mission itself. I agree that the music and maps were well done, it was nice to play with 2 characters from the main game, and the last boss was a welcome challenge (on M11).

But ultimately very disappointed with SP2. Sure they stuck a raid boss in, but he should be in main game!
SP1- 4 full campaigns. Kriegs was a little light on content but well written.
SP2-4th skill tree, Arms race, raid boss, 3 long side quests and cosmetics. Wayyyy less content to play. I was pleasantly surprised by Arms Race, but Ava’s Murder Mystery was a let down. If this is all we get in SP 2 that’s not good.


The amulett lets you see hidden eridium deposits. They sparkle like the clues you found during the questline and get fully visible when you get closer. There are deposits everywhere, but the spawn locations are random.


I enjoyed the DLC, after being underwhelmed by the first mission, which is definitely a red herring. The Pacing and structure of the missions reminded me of Sledge’s Safehouse in BL1 a whole lot, or even Sub-Level 13 in TPS, and I guess the Jewel would be the closest thing to that in BL3.

It does bridge some of the gaps in the lore nicely. Along the way, along with the behind the scenes footage, I finally realize the Rampager’s three phases may be based on the game Rampage, with an Ape Phase, a Werewolf Phase, and a Dragon Phase.

They’ve mined a new line of lore that was first hinted at in TPS by a background bit of dialogue during a key scene that should make everyone wonder, “Why would a computer system even have readings on such a thing when it hasn’t been mentioned as part of the lore before?”

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The mysterious amulets let’s people see hidden eridium crystals, and give a 100% increase of picks. The only mystery here is why Gearbox has redacted what it does, after a lengthy battle with the Seer people deserve to know what it’s all about.

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Well, it’s a callback to the mysterious amulet in Assault on Dragon Keep, which didn’t really pay off until Fight For Sanctuary.

Also, the unseen is a theme of the DLC from start to finish, and that’s in keeping with that.

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I liked the 3 first missions, particularly the one on Promethea which is very atmospheric.
Eden 6 and Pandora are very solid too, with humor and references, simple and straightforward corridor maps that are plenty replayable.

The mission on Nekrotafaya has a lot of problems and I did not like it at all:
-fights and dialogues badly synchronized with fights triggering too early while dialogue still going on
-final boss that just remained there doing nothing after his health was entirely depleted
I will have do this slog again to see the end I guess
-Very annoying visuals effects of that gave me a headache (dark aura with phantom guardians , plus sensory deprivation stuff when the boss made Ava dissapear)
-long and boring fights, won’t replay

and if you’re on ps or xbox, using the amulet to find destroy 50 eridium piles is a trophy/achievement.

Did you really think this would redeem her? I mean you’d need like a tiny tina dragons keep level dlc for that.


I thought the missions were okay. Was disappointed by a few of the lines like Ava saying she was the leader of the group which is doubling down on one of the things that most felt out of place from the main game story. I’m no Ava hater but her becoming the “leader” of the Crimson Raiders is extremely stupid. She’s in some major cutscenes but that’s mostly it, the game usually ignored her, brought her into a big scene, went back to ignoring her, and then rewarded her the captain’s chair at the end. I think someone on the writing team has a massive fetish for sirens and thinks they’re the coolest thing ever created. Also I’m not a fan of the “Lilith is alive” theory mostly because Lilith was not an enjoyable character in BL3 and I would rather let her rest in peace than have her be dug up and used as a mcguffin. Again what’s with the writers and the siren obsession? Just leave her be, she’s been in like every Borderlands game. Let the poor lass rest.


Well, that isn’t really this DLC’s fault, it was always the writers’ intent to have us looking for Elpis and Lilith in the next game. I was actually very annoyed that the quest chain not only simply amounted to a BL4 tease (we’ve already had too many of them, and nobody in their right mind would be confident in expecting a payoff, after the way previous teases and threads were ignored), but an obvious one at that.

I’m surprised by how many people were shocked at the final “reveal”. Did they not watch the end credits, where Tannis is seen very obviously investigating Lilith’s location? Did they not interact with the Vault Key in Lilith’s room? Also, Randy Varnell had pretty much confirmed it in an early Borderlands Show episode.


People were shocked?

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I’ve heard of multiple persons being quite surprised. I kinda feel bad about belittling their enthusiasm, but people have been weirdly in denial about Lilith’s fate ever since the first days of this game.

That is surprising, considering the ending of the main story hinting at that from the get-go.

If BL4 is a thing, I hope that it’s not just a search for Lilith or a tool to push Ava’s further development. However, considering that the phaselock power will likely be key to bringing Lilith back. I’m sure that’s the path they will be going for.

Just my opinion though

Ironically, if Ava does pull Lilith back, will she also pull Elpis back and unleashes the Destroyer?