Ava needs to go

Ava, doesn’t deserve Maya’s powers at all. She is a child that doesn’t respect authority and blames Lilith for getting Maya killed. As we all know its 100% Ava’s fault for Maya’s death. Storywise it just doesn’t flow or make sense. Lilith is already having to still deal with losing Roland, and her powers she doesn’t need a brat who has gotten her friend killed, talking sh*t. Someone should have stepped up and slapped the hell out of Ava and told her about herself (probably Moxxi). Ava should have been told that Maya wasn’t trying to leave “you” behind she wanted to keep “you” safe. And that while it looks like Maya’s decision to have “you” stay on the ship was easy for her to make it may have been harder for her than “you” (Ava) might think. Also, Maya probably didn’t want to be put in situation where she would have had to make a difficult choice. A choice which ultimately cost Maya her life. That’s how it should have happened. It would have been a great moment for Ava to think about her actions and have some character growth.
Hindsight is 20/20 but the guys who wrote this story missed several opportunities to do something really amazing instead they gave us a meh story.


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