Ava vs Tiny Tina - Rant, not sorry

So both are kids and both have a tragic story. Both orphans.
The thing that makes Tina GREAT is that she is a badass, she don’t need anyone saving her, she knows everything about bombs and explosions, thing that makes her USEFUL in BL2 (Mr Torgue is proud), and yeah she is insane but at the end, she loves her friends and have such a great character development in Assault on Dragons Keep.

On the other hand we have Ava that is also an orphan and a brat and that’s it. She is just granted with an immense power because yes and then she is the new leader of the Crimson Raiders because yes.

They could have make the story of a girl, daughter of researchers of sirens that were killed to steal their investigation. So now we have a character with an interesting past that can help us learn more about the sirens because she continues the work of her parents. And at the end of the game, after a GREAT fight, Maya dies and give her the power of the Siren because she deserves it.

Is this something difficult to think? Give the girl a reason to exist other than “yeaah… we need a dramatic moment and some one to give the powers of Maya”

So that is why Tina is great. She deserves the love cuz she just doesn’t exist just for the sake of it. She help us, she is important to the story and have a great personality.

The End.


sadly there’s no way to shoot Ava.


Yes all of that, but also Tina is FUNNY which is exactly what I want in my action/COMEDY game for adults.

Ava is just a whiny teen cowbag that does nothing but complain and annoy me every time she’s on screen. I honestly do not get what they were thinking even putting her in the game.


Ava was definitely a weak link in borderlands she was just to forced. Really don’t understand why the game needed her especially when they have a bonafide badass like tina just literally standing around


Ava doesn’t really bother me, but I will say that she’s got an air of Anakin Skywalker about her.


Sadly there was no option to shoot Anakin in those ghastly prequels either …


I didn’t like Tina, either
Small children somehow surviving alone in an absolutely brutal universe are always a firm “no” from me. When you add in nonsensical banshee-screaming, humor that sounds to me like a cheese grater rubbing a chalk board, and a liberal amount of angst you have a recipe for an extremely annoying character.


Didn’t stop me from trying though …


Me neither. Ran out of ammo.


I ran out of ammo too…repeatedly.


The funny thing is Tina was hated in Bl2, just as Ava is now. So it’s par for the course.


No, not even close. Tiny Tina was love or hate, a lot more love than hate, and her actions didn’t impact any other character(s) negatively. Also her backstory on WEP was waaay more impactful than Ava’s diary quest, which was terribly executed.

Ava was hate or don’t care, and a dude here or there saying she was ok.


Having stayed away from this whole Ava discussion I’ll just say the hate that Ava has gotten ranges from a little odd to straight up unhinged at times. Ava is just one half-baked character in a story that’s full of them.

I felt that way about almost everyone in BL3’s story. Everyone just kinda sucks, with a few fun exceptions that I will save for a different topic.

As for Tina, she got on my nerves a lot in vanilla BL2, but I’m fine with her now, and there’s something about that little monologue she has with her pet skag in her side mission that is just really entertaining and endearing.


Kotaku finds a way to bring social outrage into anything, idc what they think about Tina lol.


Ava’s actions have only positively impacted characters.

Tina is mentally disturbed and Ava is just a highly irritating, selfish, immature, hormonal teenager. They are two completely different types of characters. To me, the fact that so many people are repulsed by Ava shows that GBX did a masterful job with her character (many parents will relate).


Masterful job in making people of all ages dislike her, and only that. The biggest mistake was not giving her any redeeming qualities.


Her whole “redeeming quality” is called Borderlands 4.

Hell, GBX even told us that she will be present in the next dlcs…not all is lost.
for now…

the real difference was Tina was written well as was BL2, BL3 writing was terrible.

Love the DLC writing BTW.

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I didn’t care for Tina in bl2 vanilla, but she was also a minor character. Borderlands 3’s story revolves around Ava, so if you don’t like teenage angst characters or can’t relate to it, she’s unbearable.

If they had spent a little more time showing how she matured from a horrible brat into a semi useful understanding human being at the end I could forgive the character. However except for some key interactions, that I picked up on after too many play through a it’s really hard to piece together how she evolves through the story. Also a single brief side mission is not enough to flesh out the character.