Avalanche drop from odjurymur

After farming him for awhile now and getting multiple thingys. Im starting to think he just has the same drops as iwa with the ol painful added in. Last year he didnt drop the thingy so i think they actually changed his loot but not this year it seems. Correct me if im wrong if you got the avalanche to drop please let me know.

I haven’t heard of anyone getting the avalanche from him either

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Yea i don’t think they added it to his loot pool this year. O well not a big deal.

Mhm. That’s kinda dissapointing. I was hoping on getting a Cryo immune Avalanche.

I killed him many times and no Avalanche. I got other legendary equipment still.

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Yea they definitely didn’t change his loot this year. Someone would of got it by now.

I am a level 59 Nisha .anybody have suggestions what to run with her to defeat him?Hyperion pistol is as about as strong as I have damage wise and high Fire rate.running a crater shield level 56 and a celestial mod and I cannot defeat him.

You probably just need better gear. Farm some enemies for some legendarys or use golden keys if you have them. Also you can farm moonstone chests or go into the claptrap dlc and get some glitch weapons. Theres alot of options but you need some better gear. Also theres alot of articles on here showing nishas top gear and good builds for her

Thank you.i got disappointed last night. I was at robot factory and the bad asses dropped 200 points and the other dropped 100 points. I stay in it too long and 12 of 12 completed with turrets and now I cannot level up any more with this:(. I leveled 54 to 61 with this method and lost it. Been transferring shift codes this morning from my iPad think I have at least 75 keys.took a mission with the grinder and my setup did not phase the bad ass.got discouraged and going to try again tonight to get better gear. Thanks again