Avatar + Sustainmant or Personal Space and Clarity

I have found a Phasezerker class mod. Finally. This thing is seriously OP, but I am having a great time with it (until it gets nerfed).

Now I am torn between these two builds:



Personal Space is a huge damage boost, but I am loosing Indiscriminate. The power of Indiscriminate is hard for me to determine. Not sure, whether it is useful at all, because I am using Ties That Bind.
Sustainment is clearly better than Clarity. But maybe 6 points in Clarity (2 from my class mod) are enough to survive the hardest content.

I use Personal Space and Sustainment. With the current state of Phasezerker/Do harm/TTB one point in Do harm is all you need to clear anything in TVHM M3.

Plus it can have more tankiness and not become reliant on what will likely be nerfed. I did a Slaughter Shaft run without the phasezerker mod and several stacking negative modifiers. I was able to clear it, even if it was slower.

So with good modifiers you don’t even need the phasezerker set up, one point is more than enough, and the full set up is literally overkill.

Avatar is kind of a must have for me. The extra gun damage and cooldown reduction because of the extra stacks is really noticeable. And double casting is quite helpful in a lot of situations.