Avenger v Baby Maker

So I’m playing around with a Tediore Allegiance Relic Axton and I’m having trouble deciding which of these two would put out the most damage through chucking reloads.

I was considering using a Bee shield but I’m not sure. I know the Avenger gets the Amb damage but is it the right choice over the Baby Maker?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

The Avenger does a lot more damage on reloads than the Baby Maker, as it gets the amp damage and all the grenade damage bonuses, but good luck hitting enemies with it when mobbing. If you’re going with the chucking playstyle, use the Baby Maker for mobbing (it’s powerful enough to kill almost anything even without any damage bonuses) and the Avenger for raiding.


I’d stick with the Baby Maker if I had to choose between the two. The Avenger’s pop at the end of its bouncing betty act hits very hard, but the timing is very tricky. The Baby Maker (and children) can be made to hit almost anywhere you want as long as they’re within tossing range.


I would chose baby maker for practical reasons. Avenger is alright for targets that stand still or move very slowly, but baby maker is easier for hitting faster moving targets. I personally use a tediore plasma caster. It works quite nicely.

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In general baby maker for mobbing and avenger for raids.

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What the guys have said above…

Baby Maker is Far FAR easier to get right…

Avenger with a Bee is SPECTACULAR damage…

But…and this is a BIG but…

It is terribly hard to find that “Sweet Spot” where it will hit with any kind of results. Once found…it is just awesome but try finding that spot in a running fight…good luck!

Even with Raids…it may take me a week of experimenting and researching before I can find “the right spot” for the Avenger.

Baby Maker is easy…chuck it…it goes BANG…just works. And on Axton…with all the grenade bonuses specced…with matching elements with a Bone Relic…it will kill virtually anything just darn quickly.