Average Damage/s Calculator

Sooo, i have no idea whether this fits but since its fan made(by me …) i guess it does.

I have started programming in C# a bit and i tried to come up with a project.

So the following can be useful but i think its quite inefficient.
Afterall i just wanted to kill some time and came up with this:

Its a Calculator and comparing tool.
First of all, you have to put everything in yourself, it doesnt read from your screen or such fancy things.

Second its a simple Windows forms application. Now some of you might say: Naaah thanks man, thats a virus but here is the github repository.

In the repository is a zip file called “Average DPS Calculator.zip” click on it and then on the bottom left of the page should be a small “download” button over the “view raw” text. Click it to download. This is if you want to check for yourself if everything is ok. if not this should give you a direct download… If not you have to do it the first way

Simply unpack the zip into a folder, install it and start her up it also comes in english and german. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Oh and if you have any bugs or things you would like to have or which i can optimize, feel free to do that also. But be aware that i actually just started with c# and looked a lot of things up just for this project.

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Just checked out the source code, looks like a cool project. If you ever feel like adding things to compare builds, ie including weapon damage, elemental damage bonuses, etc, I figured I’d point you in the direction of this thread (if you hadn’t already seen it) over here that has the formulas for all sorts of things:

Anyway, thanks for sharing - I was thinking about putting something like this together as my significant other will often ask me which weapon has higher dps, but I never got around to it.