Avoid Community Patch; is it possible?

It’s something inconsequential I imagine. I would imagine patching something like that would be on par with making it so a person can not pick up skins or weapons that someone drops from their inventory in a DLC or they don’t have while playing co-op.

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The original poster was the victim of the weapon randomizer mod, I was using the enemy randomizer mod (which uses so many hotfixes that I don’t think it would even let people in who didn’t have it running).
The enemy randomizer mod doesn’t affect any weapons, but the weapon randomizer messes with all of the game’s sanity checks and often deletes guns from DLCs.
So yeah, not cool to use on public games.


I honestly don’t understand the problem here. If randoms are playing differently than the ‘developer intended’ way, then don’t play online with randoms. If you still want good clean co-op so badly, then play with trusted friends. Otherwise, just stick to offline.

There is no magic technique or code that will separate the clean from the dirty. And you gotta deal with that. Or else you’ll just destroy yourself with delusions of expectation out of someone to do something about a problem that can be better avoided with your own willpower.


Not going to happen, I think. Gearbox don’t officially approve (or disapprove) of the UCP so they are not likely to create confusion by taking it into consideration on this forum.

More generally, I think that people should be justified in expecting to be able to find players playing ‘as intended’ on this forum. That should be the norm.


I think people just need to take responsibility for indicating that themselves. Although I’d suggest Tokesy edit the OP in the thread to make that point explicitly.


Then why was it allowed to be discussed on the forum?

I have glanced over the UCP discussion thread and looks like it’s more than a patch. Many discussions are about how to tweak gear to the players’ liking using mods. Isn’t that modding that is not approved by Gearbox?


It’s on PC. So it’s under a different set of rules.


Those being the T&C’s?



I’m not saying that therefore everything and anything goes, obviously. There are limits.




But there is a code to make the dirty more OP than the clean.

Why should he be told to play online with only his friends because modifications are acceptable now thru the UCP?


Which is EXACTLY why I stay away from that thread. I could foresee the mods and shenanigans coming down the pipe, so-to-speak. Its like Pandora’s Box.

I see that number of unread posts climb higher and higher in the UCP thread. I see the YouTube vids of all these user created weapons and modifications. it’s become ridiculous. I have thought of unsubscribing to the channels that are promoting and getting involved in the what I consider “absurdness” from what was originally intended from the Game Developers themselves.

@Sun_Tsunami has brought up some good points. Per the OP’s Post, it’s currently negatively affecting the co-op multiplayer experience.


Basically we have several aspects :

  • the UCP is allowed on the forum because it squeaks under the forum rules - so those who don’t approve or can’t take part can simply ignore its presence here :
  • it creates a disparity between online PC players :
  • the UCP is contentious enough here that it creates a negative environment and should be taken into account. This is one of the healthiest forums around but has become less healthy once the UCP showed up. How much less depends on the individual perspective.

Slagging FOTF=UCP=modded gear


Never got a chance to play with the UCP since I’m on console but for the most part it seems cool.

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“The first rule of fight club, you do not talk about fight club”


Cool or not the issue is whether it’s appropriate for the forum ; and whether or not it’s fair for random online play.

This was something that I raised a year ago on the UCP thread

and via PM to JoeGBX

Again - this was back in March 2017


This is a fascinating discussion. I have no horse in the race since I play on console but still- very interesting. For the record though, if I were to use it, it would be an earlier version- one of the reasons I dropped my Fallout 4 gaming was once mods became available it became too easy (and too much of a temptation) not to use certain leveling mods that boosted your characters stats and skills w/o the need for gaining XP (basically insta-leveling). It got boring so I stopped playing. I might get back to it one day on a game save that doesn’t include any mods but the likelihood of that happening after so long…


I couldn’t agree more. :innocent:


I also remember being supportive of some of the early changes, specifically some weapons buffs, and I believe I too voiced concern at the time about it potentially spiraling out of control and fragmenting the community.

I’m still in favor of some tweaks in an official patch, but I have to say I’m viewing the UCP with a degree of negativity these days. I’m a little torn admittedly: on one hand, if you wanna play with the UCP, because it makes the game more fun for you, go for it! But on the other hand, I don’t like how it’s fragmenting things, the consequences.

It bugs me a little when someone posts something like “hey look at this Wanderlust I got from a skag pile woot!!!”… and I’m thinking like, well, you don’t GET Wanderlusts from skag piles, they’re intended by the developers to be a tier of gear that’s zomg!-rare. A big asterisk goes on that skag pile Wanderlust. That said, I do get a kick out of the enemy randomizer screenshots I see posted, but I realize that’s more of a joke mod and not really intended to be taken more ‘seriously’ like the UCP is supposed to be.

Sigh! Rant off. :slight_smile:


I feel terrible because I’m guilty of both of the things you said.
What I used to do was specify in my “item find showoff” posts that the community patch was running, because I think a mod in there slightly improved the drop rates of rare gear and I didn’t want to make people think that the gear I found was accurate to the vanilla game. I regret posting the pepperbox screenshot, that gun is not vanilla at all. It’s a glorified two-shot Jakobs revolver, but still not vanilla.
Nowadays I just don’t post any finds because the increased drop rate mod made them not special anymore. Even after I disabled the offending mod in question, it just wasn’t the same afterwards.

The developer of the community patch seemed to have a clear bias towards some guns and characters (Axton), and what drove me out of their discord chatroom was a bunch of regulars discussing how they could nerf Salvador into oblivion. I don’t think the main developer was there at the time, but it left a really sour impression.

Making the Flayer and Legendary Grenadier mods optional was a great step in the right direction towards trying to stay in the vision of the original developers, but the sheer amount of custom mods that have been created since the patch “opened the floodgates” has thrown any semblance of the original vision and balance out the window. I know this from experience, I tried some of the particularly egregious ones. They just aren’t fun, in my opinion. (I sold the Punter shotgun immediately after the target dummy screenshot, for anyone who remembers me using that a long while back.)

When I played with my friends using the patch, we were all very careful about having the exact same mods enabled in order to not cause any conflicts. We always had private games to prevent random people from joining and having some of their items being overwritten, and we always made backups of our saves just in case anything went wrong. Sometimes, things did go wrong.

Public games usually don’t have the same level of courtesy, so deletions will happen if someone is rude enough to run an item-replacing mod in a public game. It’s an unfortunate reality. People should be considerate about running mods only in single player or private games, but there’s always going to be a sour apple or two to ruin the entire batch. Backing up your characters and profile files is a must, especially with all of these game-altering mods running amok nowadays.

Sorry for the long essay, I just had to throw in my two cents.
Seriousness aside, the enemy randomizer was incredibly fun and I wish it supported more than 2 players so I could’ve played it with some of you guys.