Avoid Community Patch; is it possible?

To be fair , despite my somewhat vitriolic last post , I very much enjoyed your posts of Terra stuck on the Bunker, etc. I also very much enjoy Adabiviak’s screenshots ; Enderborn1’s builds ; and most of all , bew’s vehicle videos were the most hilarious things I’d ever seen.

Where do I draw the line? Hard to say. bew doesn’t really seem to run the UCP anymore ; and the rest of the regulars on the regular threads have shown us that you’re having fun “in your own sandbox” to paraphrase Adabiviak. So no harm done. Those who post obviously UCP-acquired items in Item Finds tend to get ■■■■ on pretty quickly - and either move on in a huff or understand why and adapt.

The problem is lowest common denominator I suppose. You ( aforementioned ) guys are intelligent , respectable and creative enough to get a thumbs up from even the staunchest of us ; but you guys are anomolies.


I hope the idea of the enemy randomizer is worked into BL3, although even with the game being pushed back to 2019/2020 it would most likely be in a dlc of some type…


I have to admit that I was sorely tempted by the UCP’s adding of 2nd-gen pearls to the world drop pool, and adding the Grog to the Gold Golem’s pool. But I also always had the nagging feeling that, if I acquired them, I would always feel like they weren’t legit, and ‘dirty’ in some way and I’d probably end up tossing those weapons into the Overlook grinder. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to go on and on about this, I just have a lot of passion and love for the Borderlands series. Not since the '90s heyday of the original Doom, and then the countless hours spent playing online on Quakeworld a few years later, have I spent this much time playing a game. :wink:


I could easily say I would gladly go for the patch to fix those things - pearl drop source , farmable Grog - and also auto eridium / crystal pickup and leave it there. But once I had it , I know myself well enough not to trust myself to dig endlessly.

Like @Carlton_Slayer said about Fallout : just too tempting to keep tweaking to the point that I’d ruin the game for myself. And that would suck.


Same here. I’m all for the UCP, but all these other mods and spin offs, well my opinion of them is negative. Except the enemy and weapon randomizer, becuase those are funny to watch


The UCP is one thing. The weapon modding & swapping is another. The two seem indistinguishable now because of how easily the filter tool makes editing the coding of the patch to augment it.

That is me saying: there is a vanilla game, a vanilla patch, and then there is patch customizatiom, a lot of which was toggled to off by default in the most recent version of the patch built to work with the filter tool specifically.

I think the Vanilla UCP should be rebranded as the Communtiy End-Game Balancing Patch, which is what it’s designed for. Anything other than that is a customized mod patch.


UCP: taking the U out of UVHM since 2017. :laughing:


^This was funny. Lmao :joy:


Well, to be fair, UVHM Upgrade Pack 2 did it first.


Well, it’s possible that people could further rebalance these modded guns - at least some of them - by changing up how enemies worked.

Like a mod that also gives every single enemy some equally super overpowered attack or, in the case of the human gun-toting enemies, you could give them the mod guns so everyone is glass cannons.

Or, they could make it so the guns are so dangerous to everyone - including to themselves - sorta like Russian Overkill.


It’s cool and funny tho. Pandoran Overkill mod. You have absurd health but only because the weapons you have are more dangerous to you than the enemies you are trying to kill.

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It’s kind of like that disaster haircut : left side’s shorter than than right ; trim the right side ; oops - now the right side’s too short ; repeat until you just have to shave it all off.

There will never be an end to the balancing. This patch will never stop morphing into more and more ridiculous versions.


And that’s awesome. I want to see the horrible eldritch monster that comes out of this constant evolution of BL2’s modding. I want to see the modding scene surpass even Skyrim and Doom 1/2 combined and tripled. By the time they’ve reached the infinitely burning end of the hidden universe’s tunnel, I want to ask “What am I even playing?” and have that as a legitimate question.

I want to push it to the limit, and then push it further and further, forever, until a critical self-destruction of calamitous scale occurs. And then push it FURTHER.


Well you haven’t convinced me , but your post is hilarious to earn a big :heart:

I’ll bring the thread back to the two main concerns though :

  • is the patch and its various offspring appropriate for this forum ( especially given its reaching further and further from what is reasonable given forum guidelines )?

  • what new complications does it bring to co-op that didn’t exist prior to the UCP?


I use this in my game - enemies come at me with all sorts of things from the Bane (yes it slows them down, and I can hear them coming at me from a mile away) to a Norfleet (pretty instant death) to a Bekah (you can see the shot pause before it zips forward at you). I think the Chopper might be the most lethal thing I’ve come across that wasn’t an insta-kill.

That depends on the user - I haven’t added anything new to mine since I picked a few bits out of version 3 and added them to my text file; I’m quite content with how the skills and gear are now.

In answer to the questions above:

  • I think this topic is fine for the forum, but like any thread, if it gets out of hand regardless of topic, it’ll get closed. Most of the actual conversations about it in depth are on Discord anyway.

  • I don’t think it brings any new complications: people were using all manner of illegitimate ways to alter their games before, which includes causing issues in co-op games; that this gets a pass for PC players doesn’t mean it’s the first contestant here.


I guess I can wax poetic about being utterly crazy.

But actually back to talking about the UCP: I am probably miss-remembering, but didn’t someone say that UCP was entirely host-dependent? Like, if a host is using UCP, then everyone else does by default, and vice versa. Or did I misread the label on the tin?

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Mostly because the sense of balance from each player can be different. At least that’s what I think. Since the mod is from the community itself, what you’re saying can be true. However…

shadow himself has said UCP 4 is the final version. This is where the balancing stops. Further updates are only for bug fixing.


It’s a tricky thing to say. I’m not sure myself, being a both patch and mod user. Once my friend joined without installing the same mod file as mine, and the guy said he does not notice a difference from vanilla despite I’m dropping the supposedly modded item (I was dropping the new Legendary COMs from Reborn mod pack, the guy saw them as Tiny Tina COMs, which is the correct replacement from vanilla).

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I think the concept of the UCP, and modding in general, is fascinating. It’s like a Terminator scenario and a train wreck had a baby. It’s probably going to get out of control, go off the rails, and destroy it’s creator, but you just can’t look away. It’s compelling. That being said, modding of any kind is not for me. But my understanding of video games is that they are supposed to be fun, and for some people tweaking the game (or outright changing it) is fun. Even if I were on PC it wouldn’t be for me (the rabbit hole that is OEM Borderlands is plenty deep enough for me), but I wouldn’t want it to be inaccessible to the people that wanted to do it.

I agree with @Adabiviak, if it got out of control the powers that be would put an end to it. And I rather enjoy seeing how people use it, even if I wouldn’t. So I think it is appropriate, and have faith that the moderators and good folks at Gearbox would act in the best interest of the community if it became malignant.

My understanding of the coop mode leads me to believe that this wouldn’t be much of a problem if people could give informed consent, basically that this is a problem of etiquette. If you’re running the UCP you should label your game, or be able to do so if that’s not something you can do (maybe that’s a question for the fine folks at STEAM to address), so that anyone could decide for themselves if they wanted to join your game, and in your shenanigans, or not.


In other words, “No one ever knows where to set the limits, until somebody pushes them.” :sunglasses: