"Avoid Me" reputation - A PSA to the community

Just overnight, enough people had reported me to send me into “Avoid Me” status - a reputation which, much to my dismay, prevents me from finding any matches in BB. Upon further examination, I noticed that these reports were more or less exclusive to my time playing this game. From January -> May, perfect reputation, no hiccups or anything of the sorts, May->June, I observed a tremendous reputation spike into the red zone. 23 reports of cheating later, and I can no longer find matches.

Now, I realize that this matchmaking system leaves plenty to be desired, and often, I’ll drop 18+ kills and 0 deaths on pugs several games over. 5310 kills / 1391 deaths later, which is PLENTY of time invested to know that cheating in the XB1 side of things is VERY rare (I’ve yet to encounter an aimbot, speedhack, ect).

The reputation isn’t from trash talk, either; I’m always in a party with friends, and the messages I send are almost always along the lines of, “Why’d you quit?/Don’t que if you aren’t gonna finish.” My responses to messages received are assertive, but never outright childish or offensive. So what conclusion can I draw from this inability to find matches because of bitter player reports? That this community needs to realize that 1) there are legitimately good players out there who can have a lopsided influence on pug games and 2) there are real negative drawbacks to reporting somebody for doing well versus your pug-stomping premade.

My earnest suggestion to the community, then, is simple: don’t falsely accuse someone of cheating for doing well - report toxic behavior, like frequent ragequitting, afking, offensive trash talk, ect. I shouldn’t be punished for investing the time it takes to perform well.

This is in the XB1, using the XBLive feature, right? Did you hear anything from the Live team at all? Not sure exactly how that function works on XBox, but I thought selecting “Avoid player” was not quite the same as “Report for cheating”?

Funnily I was just reading the other day that Overwatch had nixed the “Avoid player” in-game feature because it was also being used to avoid players who were too good.

if you and your friends are the trolls that post kleese up mid on overgrowth, farm minions and shards and player kills for 27 minutes before attempting to advance on sentry, then yes i have reported youu for unsporting behavior.
but cheating on xbox is something ive yet to see or suspect

I don’t care to farm pugs, nor do my friends. We play to have a good time and not deal with quitters/afkers. We don’t even run cheese comps - but we do win vs plenty of other premades, and I’ll often post up huge numbers in the process.

Another point to address: if 23 people had reported me for cheating, why hasn’t anybody investigated (which would yield the obvious result that I’m not cheating, negating all of the reports, thus enabling me to play again)?

I think GBX should look into lessening or even removing the impact reputation carries in matchmaking; it’s clear that the only real instances where reputation matters is in the issues that GBX seeks to address via in-game reporting.

It’s an Xbox live issue, though, isn’t it? Battleborn doesn’t even have a report system yet.


Indeed, but it’s an issue caused by members of the community abusing the report system.

My aim is to raise awareness of the impact false reporting can have; this certainly isn’t an isolated incident, and I wouldn’t wish an indefinite matchmaking ban on anybody who has done nothing but strive to do his best every game.

Yeah, I know. I was thinking about the comment you made wrt Gearbox looking into the impact of the reports. I should have been more specific. I have no idea how it works, which is why I was asking, but it seems like it might be outside their control.

I know AFKers and quitters can be frustrating, they certainly can make a player/team rage, they can ruffle my feathers, haha.

But sending such messages probably won’t help your cause. These players probably already feel a bit beat if they quit, making them feel more so by singling them out with a message isn’t going to lead them in a positive direction, they might be retaliating with this ‘report’ method just to get back at you.

Try to just avoid any negative engagement, even if a player messages you with something unpleasant, just ignore them/delete it, and know you were the bigger/more mature individual… Or vent with your fellow party members on mic, to get it off your chest, that works wonders too, haha.

I hope your gaming experience is more positive in future, and may you have no future hassles with this report feature on Xbox :slight_smile:


Just curious, are you always Marquis?

He’s the main character for whom aim bottling is a major concern. If you’re constantly going 10-0 or better, people are going to get suspicious. Justified or not.

I promise you, no one is reporting a well played Orendi for potential hax. Or ISIC, or Boldur, or Whisky or Phoebe or Miko or anyone besides Marquis. Maybe Mellka, Mike or Toby. Maybe. But mostly Marquis.

“If I was you I would diversify my portfolio”

That’s not very hard though to go 10+ and 0 nearly every match as any character that’s capable of racking in kills. 25-0 or more consistently is much more suspicious, but even then doesn’t warrant a report.

A few weeks ago I was playing against a Thorn who went 29-0. She was using 3 different legendary gear, including one that gave you overshields when your shields recharged. Everyone in my party and lobby concluded she was hacking because:
-She had overshields constantly
-She had over 25 kills and zero deaths
-She was able to spawn a second blight

What they did not realize is at level 10, her ult leaves a blight, and the rest isn’t very hard considering who I was playing w was not very skilled. They all proceeded to report the player, even though they were most likely just very skilled.

I also came across two Xbox players last night who had received this “Avoid me” and it was the very first time I had heard about it. It’s really a feature that shouldn’t exist without research into it.

The Xbox report system sucks. I’ve gotten my gamer tag forcefully changed and reported, and it was “Alpacadude01”, I’d love to hear how that’s offensive. I’ve also been banned for communications twice, once for a day and once for a week. I posted about one of them, and both were terrible reasonings, that I couldn’t file a review because I was forced to use it when my gamer tag was reported.

I didn’t say it was hard. Just that it was more suspicious on Marquis than anyone else.

When Rath goes 10-0, people cry for him to be nerfed.
When Marquis goes 10-0, people cry hax.

Oh, I missed what you meant. My bad

on xbox this is what people do, from your stats, it looks like you’re a pretty good player, most of the time people will report someone who dominates them. This sets it so they don’t play against you again, which is probably what happened…

Same exact thing happened to me. I’m at avoid me now because of doing well and being called a cheater. Now I can’t play BB at all. The rep system on xbox sucks.

Pinging @JoeKGBX or @Jythri:

Could the dev time please take a look at this issue specifically on XBox, where players are using the “Avoid” function built into the XBox system to effectively banish better players? Is this something that can be partially addressed through further match-making tweaks?

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As you guys know and have noted above, we don’t have any control over Xbox’s systems or features, but I can tell you that this sort of thing is something that we’re keeping in mind as we prep Battleborn’s reporting features. People abusing the feature is obviously something we want to avoid at all costs.

To the OP: I think it’s good of you to as you say “raise awareness” about this issue. It can’t hurt, right? I’d also point out that @elle_tee had a very good point about avoiding negative engagement. Sometimes messages sent can have a different effect than expected.


Honestly kinda happy that this thread exists but for reasons other than were intended.

I had forgotten Xbox had such a system in place, remembering this means I can finally start avoiding the people who VTQ, lose the vote, rage quit like Whiney Jennerit Babies! <3

This happen to my buddy. Can’t get matches and basically all the reports are from cheating on XB1, which he doesn’t cheat we just pubstomp most of the time. My reputation has since gone to Needs Work, when it has always been good my whole time playing on Xb1. This is kind of scary, because if a few more people report me for cheating I won’t be able to play and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it apparently.

This is frustrating because I NEVER talk trash, etc. When I message people it’s to give them tips about the character they are playing and stuff like that; which they always say thank you for.

Games like Rocket League don’t take reputation into consideration when matchmaking (AFAIK). There are obvious negative implications to allowing toxic behavior to be ignored in Battleborn; in those instances, I wouldn’t mind that the offender serve a sort of ban.

However, is it out of GBX’s capabilities to lessen or even erase the influence that reputation has on matchmaking? Even if this sort of change can’t be micropatched or even included in the next update, I’m legitimately concerned about the current state of this sort of abuse. When I’m able to play matchmaking again, am I just supposed to sandbag so I don’t continue to receive false complaints?

As posters have indicated, this has been happening to a number of players - I’m certain that GBX prioritizes retaining and expanding its playerbase, so it’s clear that these sorts of matchmaking bans shouldn’t be happening without a real justification behind them.