Avoiding Modded gear/players online

edit: so… the new DLC calls the new weapon rarity/type “glitched guns”. So I’m attempting to rename my thread and use modded instead of glitched in my post.

So far, user modded gear doesn’t seem to have been very common in my online experiences of this game. However, someone tried to give me an oz kit the other day that looked like the stats of the EDDIE oz kit but the name was wrong and other stuff about it looked wrong. They were telling me that you can sell it infinitely in the vending machine. I refused to keep it. Basically said no thank you.

And there was a time online with some people who somehow practically instakilled one of the bosses. They were of near equal level to me. I decided to dashboard because I wanted to fight that boss legitimately (also it’s one of the bosses you can’t refight more than once per playthrough).

Another time there was a Jack guy connected for a bit who seemed to never lose health. EVER even though he was 5 levels under me and I was under level for the mission. (I played as Jack before and I know he has fantastic shield and health regen, but usually my health fluxes up and down - this guy online, his shield went out but his health never wavered). He was also very impatient to proceed to the next map even though I was attempting to do side missions and grinding for xp. Eventually I kicked him for it. I was attempting to view his gear at some point but it didn’t work out (edit:he seemed to avoid letting me look).

Has anyone else noticed modded gear/players?

edit: it’s not an epidemic though. 95% of the time or more, I notice nothing out of the ordinary.

Cheaters gonna etc.

The Best way to avoid this stuff is by using the online play section to arrange co-op.

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I was just thinking, “I haven’t run across any myself”, but then it occurred to me that I have like maybe 15 minutes total of co op (helped some dudes with that Ghostbusters achievement in Sub Level 13 once).

Is this only on PC or consoles as well?

I play on 360. So, yes, modded crap has reared it’s ugly head there. But just barely. Most people seem to be using legit stuff.

Okay I just don’t jump on-line cause I don’t like playing with people that don’t have a mic so I haven’t run into that issue yet.

Normally I don’t play online, if I do its with some American friends of mine. I have done my share of random co-op though… Mostly what I encounter is… Not so nice people, hosts booting everyone when bosses die, loot ninjas, all that stuff. I basically stopped random co-op after I got booted for causing lag (which I cant help, I’m in rural Australia, its not often I find a game with 0 ping)

Last hacker I encountered was after joining a random game, one guy was somehow just spewing moonstones from his inventory… I saw that and promptly left again

Ha. Sounds like they made a gun that shoots moonstones. Neat.

Another time, someone asked me if I knew any modders as we played coop for about 30 minutes. I said I didn’t. He had a short memory or didn’t hear me, because 20 minutes later he asked again. I said “I don’t and I also kick people from my game if they use them”.

I remember back in Borderlands 1 when people would get on with modded crap and grind the game to a halt with their fancy BS. Or they get on and make something huge die in seconds.
Also happened early in BL2.

Yet another time, I was farming some XP in the guardian quest, and somebody comes up and starts firing, but they’re grinding the game to a halt. My guess again, is a modded gun. Thankfully they stopped and let my Jacks take care of it.

I like random coop because usually people behave and the dynamics of multiple classes running around is very fun and interesting. Obviously it’s not perfect but it’s usually damn fun.

Honorable mention goes to the two new features in TPS regarding other players joining:

a) it shows their badass rank
b) you can peek at their gear. and assigned skill points too I think. If you see things like glitched gear you can handle it multiple ways (request they don’t use it and/or leave). Less of an issue is seeing players who only have 2 gun slots. I tend to think of them as kinda newbish. Not necessarily the case, but you know what I mean.

I’ve seen a few around on xbox 360, mainly when I’ve opened the game up to randoms to see who joins and what gets dropped.

I can “instakill” (for want of a better word) everything (bosses included) in NVHM, almost everything in TVHM, and a decent amount in UVHM. Mainly because I have focused on increasing my BadAss Rank while playing the game and spending a couple days a week just farming BA Rank to the point that my ranking at this moment is 104,000 (BA points are used on anything that increases any Damage, Health, Sheilds, all else ignored), Then Skill points are used on anything that gives a “Permanent” increase in Gun Damage, Health, Shields Etc.
As for joining games, I never join one unless invited (Note do PL’ing and game Help)

As for viewing “Gear” I believe that only works for seeing what they have Equiped, though I never use it except when someone says “Take a look at this Gun”

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I’m type of “i rule my game”, so I have never played with strangers. And stuff somebody uses…why would they use some kind of “godmode”…thats really boring. Like, theres are lots of cheat types, but god and super op gear are just meh, boring and would never EVER use, not even for small troll.
But - this thing happened to me in BL2 once. I was playing in friends only mode, this one stranger with lvl 72 joined. I kicked him and changed to Invite only, he joined again…It was weird, finally OK after I gone to Offline mode, but I hope whichever bug or something he was using is fixed in TPS.

I believe (and someone correct me if I am wrong) that if you are running through “Steam” that they can enter a friends only game , also at least on xbox and this has happened to me, if you are in a friends only game and playing with a friend then any of their friends can join in and so on, so no nothing weird or buggish there

I believe (and someone correct me if I am wrong)
that if you are running through “Steam” that they can enter a friends
only game , also at least on xbox and this has happened to me, if you
are in a friends only game and playing with a friend then any of their
friends can join in and so on, so no nothing weird or buggish there

Actually, I was playing alone, I know that friend of my friend can join. Thats why its weird.

Someone joined my game this morning with a fresh character. Maybe level 1. He dropped a legendary colored OP level 55 smg shaped gun with no title. I left it on the ground. I wish I could say “I threw it on the ground”

Yeah, I’ve had a few people who were incredibly suspicious. First time would have been someone who never seemed to lose health. And I say ‘would have’ for a very specific reason. If your health stats are 500% higher than they should be, obviously getting hit with anything short of a nuke wont make a dent. After the game had been out for 2 weeks, someone with a badass rank of 3,600,000 joined my game. Nope, not suspicious at all. Told him “gtfo of my game you cheating noob” then immediately kicked him.

I’ve seen people with all legendary gear, all at the same level, at levels that would be incredibly unlikely (like level 38). Not impossible, but if I know you haven’t been playing the game for very long (going off badass rank because simply playing the game will naturally increase it) it’s suspicious. I’ve got 500+ hours under my belt, only time I can get a complete loadout with all legendary items at the same lvl 28 and 50, 35 gets close.

Worst offender is probably people who give themselves all their skills right off the bat. Pretty obvious when I see Claptrap go in to pirate ship mode when he’s only lvl 8, then a few seconds later activates the laser disco thing.

Lots of people online with all skill trees maxed, claiming they got it from some fishy server they’ve joined. Then, there’s people with luneshine uniques, but normal skill trees. And then there’s people with OP 55 gear.
I’ve grown tired on calling those folks out, I just leave the game.

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The grinder makes this more feasible without save editors. I’m good at the grinder math now. Basically it’s:

x = desired target level
y = the total combined level of the gear you will grind
y = x * 3

Example. I’m level 34.
x = 34
y = 102

So, 43 + 30 + 29 and bam, got myself a level 34 legendary.

Also… for some reason when I see claptrap players join my game it seems like half of them are 13 year olds who want to be powerleveled and want modded gear. Obviously that’s not entirely the case. Maybe that perspective of mine is just because A) claptrap is an intentionally annoying character and 13 year olds often are too or B) perhaps the claptrap/robot class appeals to that age group more than the others.

And obviously when I play my claptrap online I’m not one of those guys. But I still think there is something to claptrap appealing to certain age groups.

just a couple days ago. Duh. Or am I not supposed to publicly post players’ names?

I see dude also probably has the blue Celestial class mod, which are all over the place on 360.

If it’s my game, you will be kicked with no explanation if you have any glitched gear, badass rank, etc. But it’s annoying to have to inspect everyone who comes on your game. There are times when I feel like a bouncer checking ID rather than a vault hunter. It seems to be the worst at level 60.

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