Avoiding Modded Weapons in Xbox

I’d been seeing a lot of posts requesting for modded gear in the Achievement section of BL3 for Xbox. It’s annoying but it’s their game, their money, their life. My problem is once they start playing in MY GAME. Today I had two games where one player was one shotting everything without using YellowCake in M10. I waited just before the final boss and kicked him out lol. Another player was throwing a gazillion of epicenters. I kicked him out just before he gets the final achievement. This last guy took me a while to figure out if he is cheating.

However I wish GBX would be more proactive in helping people who don’t want to play with mods. I am not saying they should ban the modders. If they do, that’s up to GBX. All I’m saying is help those who don’t want mods in their game.

Sure, I can play with my friends. But you assume I have friends? Even if I have friends, I should still be able to play against random people. It’s one thing to play against noob players. That won’t change ever but I think against modders the system should be able to detect modded gear.

Where’s my “fun detected, obliterate” meme?

We’ve had this topic raised recently at least twice (unfortunately). The bottom line is this:

  • Gearbox doesn’t really have a mechanism for banning folks on console
  • Microsoft does have a mechanism for reporting cheats; since modded gear can only get on XBox by violating MS terms of use/service, this would be the appropriate channel for escalation.

And for friends, the section I’ve moved your post to is the obvious place to start building up a friend’s list of like-minded players. (Edited your title a bit too.)

What region/time zone are you in?

So Basically You Don’t Care at all, nice good to know you can at least look someone in the eye as you tell them there’s absolutely nothing your going to do about this issue. Gearbox Should Not Be Allowing These People To Ruin Everyone’s Experience. It’s not like this is something that is Isolated, everyone is complaining about the same thing, don’t just shove us out of the way. He made a fair point and you basically just spat in his face.

  1. I don’t work for GBX. I’m a volunteer moderator on the forums. So please don’t take your frustration out on me.

  2. I’m not sure what exactly you want GBX to do here. The only way they could implement rigorous anti-moding provisions would be to make the game 100% server-side only. Apart from anything else, that would mean the game could no longer be played off line. It’s also not possible for GBX to issue player bans - only Sony can do that on PS, MS on XBox, etc. GBX did at one point introduce various checks in BL2 that removed items from players’ save files or gave them a black texture, but doing that while new content is coming out and gear adjustments continue would risk removing legitimate gear along with modded items.

In short, if you have a constructive idea for how GBX might address this, feel free to post it. Just remember that folks who want to mod gear are going to find a way sooner or later.

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gearbox sadly dont care enough for purist people, money is king here and modding on bl3 actually helps game sell better to some who enjoy modding it so you see why gearbox wont ban them , as modding in bl1 and bl2 was popular as well and made game sell better as there is 2 sides of coin you have to look at here one being purist community like you, then other being modding community which have fun playing with modded items , gearbox see’s mostly money on both sides thats about it , like they could add in feature maybe where you can choose to go to non modded items game or modded items game etc on social thing but dont think thats possible to do.