Awakening skill question

Does anybody know what it means when it says increase effectiveness? If you add the points into Awakening and look at her 2 first skills that give you rush stacks nothing changes. Maybe I’m just missing something here lol. What does it do?

If the skill gives you some bonus like 0,3% per stack, with Awakening this bonus will be higher.

So if I’m doing my math correctly, and it’s probably wrong since I’m bad at math, would that mean instead of earning say .9% per point into Do Harm, I earn 1.17% per stack? This is assuming I have Awakenkng at max. Here’s my math lol

.9% x .30% = .27% which this becomes the additional 30% I add onto .9% which .9% + .27% = 1.17%

If I’m correct this would give me 5.85% per stack at max Do Harm. So instead of potentially earning 90% action skill damage from the base Do Harm (with Avatar) I’ll earn at max 117% action skill damage? I feel like I confused myself and maybe even anyone else reading this so if anyone can come confirm or deny this that’ll be great lol.

Your math is correct. Awakening basically just increases the “Rush”-bonuses by 10/20/30%. It’s a multiplier of of times 1.1 - 1.3