Awarded Items level

Hey so I was wondering when you receive equipment as an award, like through the VIP program or preorder bonus items, what level is it when you receive it? Does it work like the Golden Keys and it’s at the level you are at when you pick it up? Or are they low-level to help you get through the beginning of the game?

I’m hearing they’re either level 10 or level 12.

Well the VIP reward gear for BL2 was the same level as the first character you logged in with. The 3 guns that could be bought for BL3 during season 3 say they will be lv 10. As for the CoV and Maliwan weapons it doesn’t really specify that I can recall.

Also a question: Will I get those VIP weapons for every character I´m going to create or “only” once?

I don’t think we know at this point, but it was on all new toons in past games.

They max out at level ten, but if you redeem them early like I did they show they’re for level of your character

As they are gold items I imaging they equate to a weapon that would be white at level ten

As looking at videos they have the same stats on my level 4 as people who redeemed at level 1

Grenade and sheild mods are great and worth keeping, but the weapons are a bit meh