Awesome Combinations

I just got back to the game, after a couple months haitus and in the limited time I’ve been back to the game I have noticed a definite change in characters, landscape and meta of the game. Of course the community has always been small, but in the interest of getting to know what it what. I wanted to know about any cool combinations.

Could be gear, could be characters, could be anything that combos well with one another. I never paid that much attention to stats of gears and things, but I know certain characters work well with one another. (Ghalt plus Kelvin for instance, it’s like throwing Ghalt back to his OG form).

I literally made this thread cause I was bored.

Most are probably going to say: Phoebe!


Yeah I didn’t see how she was good until I played with her on my team once, she’s pretty good. But then again, she’s a DLC character, so there was no way Gearbox wasn’t going to make her strong.

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Toby works better with Ghalt than Kelvin, i’d say, because he can attack alongside Ghalt after he stuns them. It’s harder to pull off, sure; but few things beat the ol’ “hook N’ stun-mine” combo, in my experience. Right, @Beatrix?

Well, I can see both sides of that one. On one hand, Kelvin has a short cooldown timer for a 2 second stun as soon as anything Ghalt wants to pick on is out in the lane. After that it’s a gangbang usually ending in death as long as there isn’t an Alani for clutch Ghost Healing. I gues that’s where my opinion stems from, it’s more consistent as long as Kelvin doesn’t n00b up and pick the slow later in the helix

On the other hand, Toby’s stun mine with skill damage does melt faces quicker, but requires more percise aiming on the Toby’s part. One miss can cost the Ghalt his life or the team an easily secured kill if only the Toby could hit the broadside of a barn with the mines. If the Toby has poor aim the combo is ruined. Plus, Kelvin is not nearly as squishy so when a Ghalt grabs a Galilea and the stun gangbang doesn’t prevail imediately he can do more chasing than Toby would be able to in order to secure that kill.

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Ernest Attack Speed Egg and basically every infinte projectile BB especially alani and orendi is a good combo

How about good gear combos, I am aware of the Skill+attack damage for chars like ISIC (awaiting Hellyeah’s arrival to thread) and Marquis

True, Kelvin is more of a “sure thing”, and he can body-block an escape better than Toby; in my experience from fighting Kelvin though, the cooldown on sulblimate is roughly the same as arc mine. What i personally like more about Toby/Ghalt over Kelvin/Ghalt, is that BOTH get at least one free high-damage crit in before the target can move again (plus the damage from arc mine), which is usually enough to kill most Battleborn right there; whereas Kelvin has to wait for sublimate to end, before he can join in.

Also, if you run the NEW double Hug on Toby, you can occasionally stun the target as they run, if they don’t outright die, 50% of the time. Toby/Kelvin is also a wicked combo, which i’m sure @Master_Oddjob and @Codarik will back me up on. Kelvin’s almost guaranteed stun allows Toby to get a free crit in, and takes the difficulty out of landing his stun-mine before the target can move again; at this point, Kelvin is beating the sh*t out of them and body-blocking their escape route, and allows Toby yet another free crit.

You can always cancel sublimate by tapping the ability button again, I do that a lot with Kelvin in sublimate and Ghalt with his ult. Also, picking the right helix choices for Kelvin can drastically subtract from his cooldown timer. I would have to test it tonight to see how low I could make it go. My guess/hypothesis would be with the right gear (Firmware update, a 0 cost cooldown reduction and Modernista for max shield and cooldown reduction on top of his own Helix) you could probably get the cooldown lower than ten seconds. I gotta try it out when i can tonight after i stream Andromeda for a couple hours.

“Awww how cute, Toby’s giving out reassurance hugs everybody, so if ya feel sad, just go give that little guy a big ol hug. Hehe.”

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Plus with Kelvin, and this is going to make me try and break this as much as I can tonight, he has two abilites that reduce sublimates cooldown. Lvl Six right side helix reduces sublimate’s cooldown by 5 seconds after killing an enemy with Chomp (nom a minion, 5 seconds off). And his level 8 reduces it by 20% permanently. Add that with say a 0 activation cost cooldown reduction and Modernista for example and you reduce cooldown by 35-40% if my math is right? Plus another 5 second drop off when you eat a minion. You could probably drop it even more with another epic gear that drops cooldown even further.

Some combos that I’ve seen:

Kelvin + Orendi = Pillars for everyone!
Kelvin + Alani works too…

Montana + Trixi + Ernest is great for making quick work of any sentry.
@Ashbweh knows all too well…

Boldur + Alani, Miko or Reyna + Health Regen = Immortality
Works with Gali to some degree also.

Face-Off + Ambra + Kleese = The most irritating >_<

Deande + Calculated Risk + Comeback King
You know exactly why.

Shaurox + Max Shield + Dmg Reduction
I love being super tanky as Shayne & Aurox.


I concur with this statement


Bola’s Target Finder + Ernest, Galilea, Ambra, Mellka, Miko, or Ghalt, because their passives count as skills.

Starkweather’s Oscillator + S&A, Montana, Phoebe, Toby, Kelvin, or Dragon, because the legendary effect is basically 15% lifesteal as shields.

Miko + Gali, because pull into silence into 4 seconds of stun with damage amp will kill just about anyone.

You know it :smirk:


Can back you up on that. I can’t stress enough how great of a team Toby and Kelvin are. Heck, next time we team up we can prove how much of a dominate force they are together.

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I use Kelvins legendary + Firmware update, it’s a fairly broken combo. You can chomp twice every 5 seconds and each has a chance to take four seconds off the cooldown for Sublimate.

Add that to the helixes you mentioned and you spend more of the game zipping around than not! Makes me feel pretty dirty :frowning:


Was that lame? Sorry…


I’ll admit, I laughed.


“Only about as lame as a certain flightless bird I know. Oh wait, it’s you.”

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