Awesome DLC Legendary

Any1 get tried the new Lucky 7 legendary its so dope

Every time you reload it spins 7 slots which applies a random effect to your bullets like explosive rounds or bullets that bounce between enemies its so unique its my favorite gun in the game.

Edit: drops from scraptrap prime


oh man that sounds fun

Looks cool. Haven’t had any new legendary weapon drops yet but got the new Amara Golden Rule com (dropped in the first battle LoL) and a com for Moze.

Is that what it does? I got one and banked it for my Jakobs guy to take out for a spin. I only shot a few rounds with it. Nice!

edit (just let Moze play with it) oh man, if you get a good roll on the “first” shot, and she’s built for mag size (Forge or Redistribution), I think she can keep the effect going. Here, I got what turns out to be a guaranteed crit (critical damage anywhere you hit). When I shoot, the mag refills, and I get it again. (It might also be stacking the other skills as I use it more OMG).


I can confirm. This gun is ridiculous :joy:

Running the magazine with the roll above down to one shot and letting it refill was giving me this sort of effect: guaranteed crit, bonus fire damage (presumably from the nuke symbol), and I think the ricochet is the 7 symbol? Anyway, all three of them seem like they are stacking here, since Moze keeps the magazine from actually running out for a fresh roll (and 38K for a basic body shot is pretty good damage).

edit - hol’ up, I’m not getting this consistently. It’s dinner time, so I’ll be putting this down for a bit… but RESEARCH MUST TAKE PLACE!


i hope they planned for Moze, cuz if not them patching that would suck

the research opportunities with this gun are salivating

You got exploding bullets, which did fire damage because fire in the Skag den :slight_smile:

I hate those damn ridges on top of some Jakobs revolvers in this game. Throws off the whole aesthetics of them.

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Eh I got it, it’s alright. Definitely isnt worth a slot in my loadout. It is a cool idea though.

idk, i kinda like the duc. it might be the effect more than the appearance but i mean more than enough to redeem it.

also it’s weird how many guns have another brands gimmick added to them. the damned (stealing hyperion shield), the duc (stealing torgue sticky explosives), lucian’s call (steals richochet from Jakobs), rogue sight (steals atlas’ tracking and improves on it), handsome jackhammer (acts like a tediore) etc, etc.

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