Awesome game design - lost loot kiosk on ship

You leave loot all over the ground you can go back and pick up but you spend two hours fighting you way to the end of the typoon quest … .and you inventory is full shocker you go sell junk so the last two hours you spent in the game wasn’t wasted and then go back to the chest and the loot is gone. That some ■■■■■■■■ how about I come to your job and stop from you from what you doing then have you follow me all over town telling you its important and leave there and say just kidding. You waste my time it is ■■■■■■■ irritating. you fight there way for two hours to get to a chest and not give a way to clean up their inventory once they get there so when open it and your inventory full I just supposed to drop all the ■■■■ I spent two hours fighting for you ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ … who made that genius decision. I have all this technology at my finger tips in the game but I can’t sell my junk on the fly

This is the part where I sincerely apologize because my loot was in the lost loot container on the space ship. I apologize. I will change the thread title to awesome game design.

LOL. 2nd time you’ve posted this so far? It’s a Borderlands game. I hope you’ll understand one day that you’re always gonna get more loot than you can hold. You’re not supposed to be able to literally sell all of that loot so easily.

You could also just drop stuff from your inventory. And relax a little. Cheers!

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Wow, I have YouTube comment section flashbacks.


After several hours of play, I agree that BL3 is severely lacking in strateguc vending machines. However, you aren’t supposed to continuously hoard crap. Yes, you may have to make a difficult decision and ask yourself, am I REALLY going to need this blue weapon for my next character’s playthrough? Also, the bank and backpack upgrades exist. Maybe it’s because I’m a Borderlands veteran but those were the first things I’ve upgraded.

If I can’t carry all 5 billion weapons with me at one time I want my money back! Lol

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