Awesome Game, exept Hollow Point (Enforcer Guardian Tree)...stay at lvl 74, trust me

Heya Guys, i had a Plan regarding my Zane…building him insanely defensive and then balancing him out using the Enforcer Tree. It worked like a charm…until i unlocked Hollow Point. The ability that creates an Explosion when you Critkill someone. Sound fun, was fun…and then i killed myself, multiple times and i didnt know why first.

That explosion seems to be an untested ability, created and looked over by the staff. It kills yourself, your minions and your friends. And the damage is insane. I saw some posts on other sites about this issue and i really hope gearbox sees this. I had fun at lvl 74 and all of it dropped since i got 75, it just killed the fun. Shotguns are not an option anymore when you use that skill.

pls rework or fix it so the damage doesnt affect you and your mates!

thx for reading my small rant :slight_smile:

It’s really annoying yes, at first i thought it was the ricochet rounds that were killing my pet. It really hampered my circle of slaughter runs since the pet will revive you if you go down so it’s a good thing to keep him alive. Every time he was around enemies and i critted them my pet instantly dropped to the floor. Also on several occasions i downed both me and my pet while killing Graveward because of this, unneccesary new U cost of a couple hundred thousand…ughhh