Awesome Level of Armory and Crawmerax maybe nerfed?

Hello everyone!

So I’ve recently gotten back into Borderlands GOTY classic and I’ve put in a hefty 400+ hours in the past couple of months.

From Armory Lance Chests, normally, I’d get 15 legendaries on average. 20 on the high end, 10 on the very lowest end. And, I’d get a Pearl every 2-3 hours on average. I’d get about 6-8 legendaries from Craw on average.

However, within the past week or so, I’ve been getting HORRENDOUS drops from Craw and the Armory. I am talking 2-5 legendaries from Armory, all with typically bad parts. And 1-5 legendaries from Craw. And in 50 hours, 4 Undertakers and 1 Mega Canon (outlier for sure). I’ve spoken to one of my viewers who plays classic, and they didn’t specifically notice this when farming, but upon testing the Armory and Craw, they are similarly getting inexcusably bad drop rates.

Now, the other people who I’ve spoken with are all playing remastered, and up until late last night, their drop rates were fine. Upon observation, it appears a silent update dropped about 8 days ago for classic. A similiar quiet update hit Enhanced/Remastered last night. After the update, 2 of my viewers on Remastered were experiencing the same kind of bad loot, at least from the Armory (not much testing done on Craw).

So, I ask, anyone who can look at the games code, could you see if the Awesome Level of the Lance Chests and Craw have been changed? Or are we just dummi thicc and stupid??


EDIT: Checked my local files and nothing has been modified since I downloaded the game. Steam downloaded an update in relation to the games, but I think if it affected normal play it would show up in the local files?? Maybe we’ve just had coincidentally mutual terrible luck at just the right time but that seemed unlikely to me lol

Hm, interesting thought.

I’m in the middle of the Knoxx DLC myself, so I haven’t gotten to the Armory yet.

But everything else in BL1 Remaster seems to be what I expect. The Hyperion Gift Shop in the Robot Rev. DLC, for example, is spitting out legendaries at the rate it always has (since the remaster, of course).

Should be at the armory either this evening or tomorrow, I’ll let you know what I find.

BTW, are you in playthrough 1 or 2? I’m in PT2.5 currently.

Howdy, PT 2.5 with the Knoxx DLC completed, providing max scaled weapons on Super Marcus Sweep (now it’s like christmas as I progressed to try to fix my drops)

Just finished the first pass of the Armory, at level 56 end of DLC mission.
Legendary drop rate seemed normal to me. Didn’t pick up any pearls, but then again I never get pearls, from he armory or Craw, my luck is terrible in pearl farming.

I’m going to level this character up to 69 then go back, so it’ll be a little while. But seems normal to me at first blush.

I am just hoping we can take a look at the data of the game to be sure. I don’t know how to look into the code to check Awesome Levels.

I play on console so have never taken a look at the internal files. Even if I was on a desktop, it would take quite a while to figure out where the “awesome” flag is from a standing start. It would also violate the terms of this forum to talk about data-mined knowledge.

How did you notice an update anyway? I didn’t notice any change on PS4 or Xbox.

Oop I did not see that in the rules. There is a pinned thread which discusses and confirms the Awesome Level of most chests in the game, which has been up for a very long time, so I would assume there wouldn’t be a problem looking at the data again. There are quite a few people on here who are not at a standing start and are aware of how to observe the AL as far as I know.

I noticed my GOTY classic had a download in process when I tabbed out of my game a bit after 12am, and then one of my viewers mentioned that they had received a small download for GOTY Remastered on console (switch). Nothing official.

But, alas, the game files have not been modified, and GOTY Classic is not shift enabled and is not able to be hotfixed (as far as I know), so it would appear that at this time, this was just a long streak of bad luck for a few people and I might’ve jumped to some conclusions too quick without significant evidence P:

It’s still weird to me that my viewer got 3.5~ legendaries average per craw kill over 40 kills (large scale average is 6.5), and that I had a running average of 3 legendaries per armory sweep over like 10 hours, but I just have to conclude it was bad luck at this point, as neither of those are big sample sizes and there’s no evidence of any changes being made to the game.