Awesome new taunts!

Too bad most of the items in the Fall Patch weren’t there(like balancing, etc) but I must say the new taunts looks nice.

The new Borderlands skins look cool as well. Sadly the Magnus pack gambling skins are kinda trashy, imho, but over all, I say, well done!

Curious, will anyone be purchasing any of the new skins/taunts?


I bought a few of the Borderlands skins. I think the character choices could’ve been better (Caldy as Maliwan product placement? really?), but that’s just me.

Hearing ISIC talk in CL4P-TP Claptrap’s voice is highly amusing, so there’s that.


I bought the Claptrap skin for ISIC (which is easily my favorite for him), the Zero skin for Rath (which is cool-looking, though i don’t like the alteration to his voice) and the Overload taunt for Toby (which is my favorite taunt for him now).

Here it comes! The cuteness!


Waiting for them to drop in price, $11 is IMHO absurd.
I did get 3 from Magnus packs already, everyone likes the Ernest skin I’m using.

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I think @LexAnarchy disagrees. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had some platinum left (dailies, founder bonus, some I purchased ages ago) and I’ve bought the Rath skin and Ambra’s taunt from it. Love both of them and chances are good that I might even be able to use them one day.

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Tbh, I’m actually fine with what they’re at now. They greatly increased premium drop rates so you’re almost guaranteed a premium item at this point, and can even get multiple ones from a single pack. If you want a specific skin outside of the pure re-colours, you can still purchase them specifically.

My only complaints would be that you can’t buy the re-colours specifically & that you’re almost guaranteed to get one, not absolutely guaranteed. But those are rather minor points at this point.

I agree with the taunts though, love Ambra’s & Toby’s new taunts.


It will be a frigid afternoon in Hades before I pay for microtransactions…

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I spent $120 on magnus packs trying to get a few of the original magnus skins, and I ONLY got the one for Beatrix… so I am pretty disapointed. (I did get 4 borderlands skins, taunts and alot of the 2 new bad/flashy skins.) But i would really like to know, do the original magus skins have a really low drop rate now, or was I very unlucky. Has anyone got many of them since the update?

The Ambra is aaamazing :clap:

You got it. Those are the situations where I miss being able to body block my teammates.


I got Ambra’s new taunt(one of the best in game imho) as well as Galilea’s new taunt. Also a few skins as well and some older taunts for Orendi(Bad Hep FTW!)

Good stuff.

Ill be playing this game til BB2 comes out.