Awesome Player Shoutout Thread

There’s a lot of negativity going on around here so let’s bring out the positive vibes! Use this thread to call out any awesome players you’ve met. These could be players that have helped with lore challenges, were super friendly, or just played an awesome match.

I just had an awesome pug on PS4 so thanks to nextgenlegends, H34THP_98, StarWarsFreak94 and Zax_Darkro for the great run.


I’ve already made a thread like this, but this is a better idea as mine was just a long shoutout to all of the people I play with lol.
Maybe a thread like this is what this community needs to show solidarity and meet new players for those who are struggling or mostly play alone. I commend you sir!

Ha sorry, didn’t mean to steal thunder! I couldn’t find anything.

No thunder stolen, this trumps my idea and I support it, let’s hope the ball gets rolling on this abd the community responds! Our game is struggling and all the “I’m leaving because _” threads aren’t helping, but if this gets enough attention it could really help a lot of people.

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Shoutouts to @Slif_One and @palmedic89

The homiest of homies.

Even if we lag/suck/rage lose Mick to the dark side.

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Another thumbs up to @Kaleidodemon and @Sarkhon. Awesome playing with you guys!


Haven’t played with him, but watched Crimmysthename’s stream on Twitch. Cool dude, VERY helpful to watch. And it turns out we’ve got a good bit in common IRL. Shout out to him, and to ALL the casters out there hype-training Battleborn and setting the example!

I implore more shoutouts are needed! Thank you for being so chill. We are up for whatever, whenever everyone (Unless I am working obviously). My PSN is the same on here so hit me up!

I’m just going to shout out the people I play with on PC; iMmie, Cev, Retro36 and Amadillo2209 :slight_smile: Great players and very chill people!
Also Senser (I think this was their user name?) the baller Kleese we once rolled with.

There’s ton’s more super talented or nice players I’ve played with/against but I couldn’t possibly remember all their names! But :+1::+1: to all of them!

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I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the following people are true badasses and I am proud to have served with:

Crimson Knight,
Insane Dame,
Hyperreflexia, and

Thanks guys.