Awesome support

I put in a support ticket to get a couple titles unlocked (Bada Boom and coopetition). They got back to me right away, fixed the problem, cracked some jokes, and threw in some lootpacks. Not really a discussion I guess but pretty sweet

Thanks Nova!


OMG the same thing I put a ticket in for and I’ve been waiting for 2 months now.
Doesn’t matter now, I ditched that steam account because the Toby dlc bugs messed up my achievements.

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Daaaaang THAT is upsetting.

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thats cause they have barely any support calls due to nobody playing

steam has 140 users at peak playtime right now, consoles aren’t much higher

That’s kinda wrong. PC is abysmal but console is doing significantly better

And OP and @wisecarver, did you guys have screens gits if the matches where you did it? I didn’t and I think that’s why they didn’t do anything for me

I used screenshots of my title screen that said they were completed. (Yet still greyed out)


But did you also know that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear?

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Yup, now I’m a tad irritated. Why you? :cry:
Nice though lol :acmaffirmative:


Wait. Really?

I tried that and they told me they needed screenshots of the match results screen that proved I completed the challenge.

Oh dang. I’m sorry.

I had the same issue. I showed them the screenshot of the titles page and they said they needed to see the screenshot from the match.

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everyones does that, my bada bada boom is completed but greyed out too, so was my right behind you and worthy of song, but they still showed up once I did them in a match (got both in the same day). odds are, you really hadn’t completed those.

It’s glitched from what I can tell as everyone had those at 100% when they patched it to show progression.

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I know I did Bada boom with Rath around release but never cared enough to handle it. I remember doing coopetition once a long time ago because I felt bad about it haha