Awful drop rates of captain haunt

The drop rates of captain haunt are just awful!

I have a 50% drop chance of legendaries of him. The last 4 runs he didnt drop a single legendary. This is just plain stupid.

I mean, think about it. If you want to kill him, you first need to farm 25 hecktoplasms. Now you need to kill the 3 gatekeepers. For some of them to spawn, you need to kill enemies in an area. Then you can fight Haunt, who has 2 Immunity phases.

Now compare this to graveward or traunt.

No need to do anaything before farming them. (for traunt you have to run through athena once)

Killing them is way faster.

Overall it takes way more time to kill haunt, but it is way less rewarding!

Why you do this nerfbox???

You had the chance to give us an activity that is more fun than 1. killing boss 2. quit 3. reload 4. kill boss.

But no, you made the rewards such garbage that nobody will want to fight and play your trash event.

This is just an amateurish implementation of an event.


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