Awful Input Button For "Focus on Last Notification"

Soooo… you give us non-rebindable keys and then you choose Numeric Pad 0 for “Focus on Last Notification”.

Soooo… what happens when you don’t HAVE a numeric keypad on your keyboard. There are some out there after all. Notepads come to mind and people game on those. So how do we get around that?

Bad design decision in my mind. Out of all the keys on the keyboard you had to choose a key that will not be on every keyboard out there and then didn’t let us change it… and then you had to use it for such a game critical input too.

Please patch this to make it " Num-0 or ] " or whatever key is available on most keyboards. I went out and bought myself a Razer Tartarus in the hopes of reprogramming the keys on that so I can play the game properly… only to realise that I need to type num-0 on my keyboard so that the Tartarus keyboard can reproduce it. Catch 22.