Awful loot while playing co-op

This is just getting frustrating. My 2 friends and I love this game. We play a lvl 73 siren, lvl 71 commando and another siren lvl 70
Almost all the time we play (like 3-4 hours) we only get white-green and maayyybeee a blue weapon. This is getting insane. I’m talking about beating the whole Campaign of Carnage twice and not getting even one purple weapon (yeah I know about Mr Torgue’s machine). Beating The Son of Crawmerax and getting 1 purple mod for commando, Defeating Terramorhpus twice and only getting the obligatory mod. Beating Scarlet and her pirate’s booty 3 times and getting no legendary. Beating Tiny Tina Dungeon and Dragon DLC 3 times and only getting a blue magic missile (a couple of purple weapons but nothing of value). Defeating the warrior like 10 times and only 1 conference call. Destroying the Bnk3r several times and blue weapon at the most.

This is terrible, I love playing this game with my friends but the loot is bad while playing co-op.

Im not even kidding right now, I played alone the past Thursday and got 1 legendary nurse from a bandit and told my friend (commando) to do the same. He got the infinity from some random enemy.

I’ve never been a guy that goes to forums and ask for anything. I just look for some strategies for raid bosses but never actually go and look for detailed info about the game, weapons, guides etc so I really don’t know how the loot system works for Borderlands 2. Can somebody PLEASE explain me how does this work? I understand that Legendary Weapons are one of the rarest drops, I get it, but after defeating several bosses, several DLC’s, a couple of raid bosses and getting 1 or maaaaybe 2? Is some one experiencing the same?

Edit 1: Hmm I think I might be in the wrong forum x( Sorry, I just saw the Loot Forum. Noob mistake

It’s all RNG, even with multiple players. Things will eventually even out but yes- there are times when you get a dry streak. Just keep at it (although starting the OP levels once you all reach level 72 might help)…


It’s genuinely random. For instance, I’ve killed Hyperius at least a hundred times and last night i got my first-ever Norfleet drop from him. It obviously helps to know what bosses drop the gear you want. If you want Infinity pistols, keep killing Doc Mercy. Over and over. And there’s a reason legendary gear is rare…they are very powerful stuff.


Thanks for the answers guys. I now understand that we are just having some bad luck.

I was just a little upset cuz yesterday we defeated Crawmerax for the first time ever and we were disappointed because after a fierce battle we only got a purple mod. And I swear I got a legendary nurse last thursday just by killing some bandits in the Hunting The Fire hawk mission (My first solo UVHM playthrough) and my friend got an Infinity with a nice scope from a random enemy. So I was just wondering if the drops were better when playing solo.

But thanks for the answers, and sorry for the whine :smile:

p.d: I still love this game and gonna buy the pre order for BL3, see you there Vault Haunters


This will provide a little more context:


Those coms only drop from tubbies. If you got a tubby midget then the RNG is strong with you, because I have played for a long time and have only seen one.

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To be fair the story fight vs Craw is kind of meh- the actual raid fight is a blast though…

Thanks. I’m definitely checking this out!

Yes, you may be completely right. I was fighting some chubbies and bandits in Tundra Express (Hunting The Fire Hawk mission) right before the part where are some flame throwers in the walls. So there was a lot of chaos and when everyone was dead, I saw the mod. I thought was dropped by a Bandit but I was wrong. Thanks for the correction.

I did a playthrough with a friend awhile back and we had the same bad luck…went all the way from L1 to deep into UVHM and only got 1 or 2 legendaries…RNG is what it is…sucks to get a Tubby drop and have it be a lousy Leg Nurse COM, but it could’ve easily been a WTF shield or Cracked Sash, so it could be worse…If you wanted a Leg Siren and Leg Soldier for your characters, the Snowman train has a high chance of dropping them…RNG being what it is, you’ll have swings the other way if you play long enough…I leveled my Zer0 from 72-80 after the Lilith DLC came out and I got more legendary drops in those 8 levels than I got in 60 levels with my friend…