Awful luck (so disappointed) Glitched in boss fight

Playing Bounty of Blood for the first time, and fighting the ruiner at the end. It rushed me and tossed me into the air, and I continued the fight, but something seemed off. I tried to move around, but couldn’t. However, it only had a little health left, so I finished him off … turned out I was glitched behind a wall of some kind. I could see and shoot enemies, but I couldn’t get out, no matter what I did. All that beautiful loot was just lying there. I eventually quit and came back but there was nothing there, no ruiner, nothing. I wish there were a way to rewind and go back and do that fight. It won’t be quite the same as collecting on the first kill though. Seriously, devs, didn’t you ever try to close up those gaps so this wouldn’t happen?

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Lol. Found my way back and ruiner was there. Finished him off in about 15 seconds.

  1. just teleport back to the start if stuck
  2. loot, when not picked up will be sent to the lost loot machine (legendaries get priority, always)

Or kill yourself with a splash weapon :rofl:

If you have one on you and you can hit something close to you :joy:

If unlucky you don’t have that and are treated as floating so you can’t open your echo device :rofl: