Awwwww no bug fix for the inventory problem ? =(

Sad Panda :unamused: !


I’ve worked around this , have bought all the slots to 39 then while in the same game, I’ve bought/picked up a few junk guns/grenades/shields to fill those slots, so that when I restart the game with that toon my backpack shows 39/33 items. some of my backpacks show more then that if I do not sell the mission rewards. only downside is you can’t buy anything from the machines, you can pick Items up by equipping a junk Item and switching out

Well it’s not a workaround I’d need :sleepy: !

My inventory is reaching the limits and I don’t want to do holodome (with all the new weapons in it that I want to collect) and going to UVHM with a 33 slot bag and a crippled bank… So I haven’t played since then, not bought holodome yet.

Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s not a tantrum or anything, I’m not threatening of not buying holodome, because as a former “main” player of Gaige I really want to get Holodome, and I eventually will, when I decide I’ll play the game again, just is won’t be until the inventory is fixed…

If the game is still broken in some aspects you have all your rights to not buy more content until they fix it.


It’s not exactly a right. I don’t want to be seen as ranting or anything, it’s just I want to let them know i’d like to be “able” to play the way I like to play. I’m not anything leet or whatever, i’m somewhat a little above average, maybe, but it’s just I like to collect stuff and not have to throw away things I want to keep.

So me not buying Holodome yet isn’t a threat or a tantrum or anything, I would LOVE to buy it, it just is I can’t since I wouldn’t be playing until the bags are fixed, so no point in buying something that will taunt me and would make me make mistakes I’d regreet later, beecause if I buy it now i’ll crack and play and will have to throw stuff I wanted to keep…

Oh well…