Axe Mastery Broken? *Fixed*

So when is this getting fixed? It’s been a while since the big update that broke Axe Mastery came out and it still hasn’t been addressed. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about his lvl 10 helix Axe Mastery boosts Boldurs damage by 2% for every 200 health on axe swings, except it’s not doing that right now. Before the patch Boldur could get around 4000 Hp at lvl 10 with max stacks on his lvl 9 helix and full HP gear, this led to around 360 damage a swing at max health.

This was when the ult gave 2% damage for every 100 health. Fast forward to the present (nerf) and you’ll find he can hit his old 360 at around 1000 health… When you get all his HP stacked up he can hit for well over 500 damage a swing… see a problem here? Add in 4 Ultra drones and you can literally 2 shot any squishy character in the game. With the added bonus of being one of the fastest and THE TANKIEST character in the game.

This isn’t even adding in the fact that his Boldur dash has some broken scaling on it and actually gains damage when he gets axe mastery leading to some ridiculous amounts of damage on a stun… (I think I hit around 500-600 on initial impact and over 300 from the dots) Please fix Boldur?

Edit* I haven’t tested it yet but apparently it’s fixed. Thank you!


I saw someone hit just shy of 1k on impact, since it apparently scales with AD in addition to SD. Someone else commented that they were able to hit 1.5k on impact, although I didn’t get a picture. Probably involved the buff from his legendary gear.

That was with full skill gear and his legendary active. I’m not entirely sure on those numbers since I have never checked them but I know he does hit around the ballpark I listed while running full HP gear.

The devs responded to this on reddit the other day and they said that Boldur is working the way it is intended.

The dev was referring to axe toss not axe mastery from what I read.

That was my understanding as well.

I want phoebe to hit 1k per thrust as well. Give her a shield and we will have a boulder hard counter.


Honestly I think they need to scrap Boldurs character design. They are much to on the fence about what he should be able to do and he is getting the best of all the worlds

No, that is not the right choice, tone down damage and speed and will be fine

But they aren’t going to. They are under the idea that a character should be lethal regardless of what else it can do(and boldur can damn near do it all) if they plan on keeping the damage he has here is my balance suggestions:

Boldur doesn’t get damage reduction

Boldur gets no increase to movement sans ax

While I agree it was wierd they said that, I don’t think they necessarily met damage this is being overexaggerated, they acknowledged ISIC does too much already

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