Axton and Assault Rifles

will soon have this game on PC, but a couple years ago I spent a lot of time playing on an Xbox 360. I played as a siren with lots of elememtal Maliwan SMGs. This time around I am looking to play with Jakobs and Dahl semi automatic and burst fire assault rifles. With this in mind I need a character suited to a medium/long range playstyle. At first I was leaning towards Zer0 but as I would like to avoid sniper rifles some of his later skills will not be helpful. I am also not that interested in his melee abilities. Axton on the other hand, I read that his class mods often buff assault rifle stats and gun skills. But I’m unsure who would have the greatest DPS with these guns. If any of you have built a similar character revolving around the semi auto and burst fire rifles I’d appreciate hearing about it!

I’ve built both assassins and commandos whose focus is on assault rifle combat, but these seem like the same question you asked on the other forum?

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