Axton Appreciation

Alright alright so lot’s of build talk and stuff which I’m not good at that stuff like, at all.

Sooooo I’ll stick to what I do best. Appreciate my comfort characters. I just want to see more of this huge nerd and I love him so much.

So let’s talk about our favorite things about Axton the Commando!

I just love his personality?? He’s such a dork. I mean the pet names he gives his turret. Amazing. (Though I can’t blame him. Those turrets are beautiful. Absolutely amazing.)

He’s just adorable. Some of my favorite quotes are like

  1. YOU get a bullet! And YOU get a bullet! EVERYBODY gets a bullet!

  2. Stronger, smarter…and more sexually attractive.

  3. Didn’t mean to do that… Yes I did.

  4. If I win, we’re totally making out.

  5. Sometimes you’ll try to make people laugh by using a meme from the ECHOnet, but instead they’ll track you down and set fire to your house. Look forward to that.

And wow that list can go on. He has a lot of good lines.

My favorite head for Axton is “The Goddess of Wisdom”. He just looks great in Athena’s scarf and all. I absolutely adore it. Here’s an old picture I drew of Axton (From January I think) with that head! He also has freckles because who doesn’t love freckles.

I’ll try to redraw it someday! Look at how cute he is! Such an amazing man!

I would love to see Axton in more stuff for sure. There’s never enough Axton. I always feel more comfortable when playing any of my Axton files, with those beautiful turrets and Axton making me feel better with pretty much everything he says.

(In Borderlands 1 we saw the main 4 as little kids and I just want to see the main 6 in BL2 like that too. I wonder what Axton’s life was like. I feel like he would have a dog.)

So what’s your favorite thing about our Commando? It can be a quote, favorite moment, favorite skin/head, favorite build or anything!


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I don’t understand-

Axton likes explosions.

Nuff said.

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Thank you for explaining! (I’m slow to understand things)

And he sure does !

Hitting with a Fastball in FFYL :grinning:


Thing I hate the most: being 1 point short of getting double slag turrets and being able to throw FFYL grenades!


I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Fastball. I should look for it.

And dang! I’m still a few levels away from double up and it’s gonna be a while before I can get the grenade ffyl skill.

If I had to pick a single favorite thing about Axton, it would be strategic turret placement. I love the problem solving/tactical aspect of the class, and longbow + mag lock. Throwing them on the run/jump is extra fun.

I also enjoy that I can use the same 26/15/26 spec and be either a Bee + (Pimpernel or Sand Hawk) using, high octane offensive machine, or switch to a Blockade or Antagonist with Bekah for very high survivability while still being able to kill pretty quick. If Hyperius ever gives up a (non slag) Norfleet, I’ll have a third play style option without having to respec.

Axton is just awesome.


Double shielded slag turrets for the win.


Some good stuff going on here! Thought I’d share a funny Axton comic I drew.

It was based off of Pre-Sequel when Gaige said if she gave his turret a personality, she would have a lust for blood, take crap from no one, love romance novels and bubble baths.

It’s in a sloppy style on purpose.