Axton at level 61

After TTW, i went back to Bl2 (BL2Fix) to a run through to L72. Just for fun. I play solo and don’t have any desire for now to run the Op levels.

I realized how much I have forgotten about Bl2, made so much better with this mod, especially in UVHM.

I do have a question. About to reach level 61, Axton has been doing well, but the build right now is aimless and starting to need skill tree attention to be effective. I tried to research where people took Axton around this level, as it was a very early on level cap, but nothing around now that I could find.

I would like to seriously look at a explosive build for Axton, but need a better guide on points allocation and which weapons/relics/shields etc. to find.

Can anyone point to a guide, video or advice, that might help me on where I should be at L61.? So far finished the snowman DLC, finished Fight for Sanctuary, and just went back to the main game to get it moving it a bit. Have a on level Harold, Bee, slagga and Leg soldier. Really want to explore where an explosive Axton build will take me.

  • Build
  • Guns
    • Axton specializes with any gun that does grenade damage, but he’s enough of an all-rounder to use basically any of the good guns. The Omen’s shots deal grenade damage and is the main weapon I use personally.
    • Here’s a link to Axton’s top gear for other recommended guns - [Guide] Top Gear for Axton
  • Shields
    • Defensive - The Blockade, Sham (my preference), or Antagonist
    • Offensive - The Bee, Big Boom Blaster (grenade build)
    • Leveling alternatives - Turtles, Absorptions, and maaaybe Adaptives
  • Relics
    • Elemental relics only, preferably Bone of the Ancients
  • Class Mods
    • Best - Legendary Soldier
    • Niche - Grenadier if you want to only throw grenades, or (TTAoDK)-Ranger if you still want to do decent damage but want to be more tanky.
  • Grenades
    • Damage - Fastball, (I’m sure other grenades do fine pre-OP levels)
    • Slag - Magic Missile, purple Betty

Thank you very much

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