Axton build, looking for critique

I played Bee Axton long ago, looking to try explosive Axton this time. This is my planned build, going all out on the grenade damage.

My planned loadout:
slag Pimpernel (Hoping I can tank well enough to not need a Moxxi gun.)
Baby Maker? Ogre? Badaboom? (Not sure what to put here.) edit: Hornet for Buzzards.
Legendary Soldier
explosive relic


Ogre is a solid choice. Other than that not much I can say right now. My build is very different but I’ll give yours a shot and see how it feels.


Revised my build slightly. Realized all my weapons have slow fire rates so I’m probably safe in going 4/5 Metal Storm. 4/5 Resourceful gives less than 1 second over 3/5, but none of the other skills seem that useful.

Swordsplosion has been great. Haven’t even really needed Harold yet. I’ll have to see how it performs against thicker bullet sponges.

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You could also try the Hive for flying enemies but the Hornet will work fine

How many seconds would i be missing out on if i only put 1 point in resourceful? I also have the leg. Soldier if it makes a difference.

it’s probably not even seconds, it’s decimals.

So 1/5 points instead of 5/5 points only adds decimals?

4/5 vs 5/5 tends to be decimals.

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Do you know how many seconds i would miss out on by only investing 1 point in the skill vs 5?

I don’t remember the formula.
But it is a decent chunk.

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Formula is :

Cooldown = Cooldown / 1 + (all sources of reduction added together)

So with a L.Soldier and a Relic both with 45% with 2 points in resourceful for another 10% you’d hit 100%, which would half your cooldown. i.e. Cooldown = Cooldown / 1 + (.45 + .45 + .1), Cooldown = Cooldown / 2.